03 September 2009

This is my recent visitor in Heaven. She came in unannounced at dusk while I was resting with my dogs. I just finished feeding the dogs, brushing their furs, wiping off some drools from their faces and mine ;-) when suddenly one of the dogs whined. I looked around and saw our visitor. Flying and flying way above our heads, brushed my arms, kissed my cheeks, landed on one of the dog's nose which prompted a series of nasty barking and off the visitor went, flying and dancing around us to my delight!

When I was a kid I was told that butterflies are actually spirits of dead people. That felt strange and pretty scary for a kid's imagination yet I grew up believing that to be true. I would stop when I see a butterfly and wonder who among my dead relatives are visiting me. And today was no exception. I tried to touch the butterfly and make it land on my hand. I had several successful attempts in the past without a camera in hand but this time the butterfly just remained immovable in the ceiling. I nudged it with my finger and it stayed put. Well, whoever is visiting me from the spirit world might just be passing by and saying hello. I told the butterfly to go to the light. Stay warm, be happy, and know that you are loved . . .

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