Post Typhoon Hagupit

We are safe.
It is a miracle.
The super Typhoon Hagupit/Ruby was a Category 5.
It simmered to a Tropical Depression
when it made landfall near my place.
There are no words to describe this miracle
except that it is a Gift
for my country and my people
who still believe in the power of prayers
and linking to the power of God
who can calm the raging winds
and hug a small island to safety.

And to all of you who prayed
and sent texts, emails,
and expressed their concern for us
Thank You
for keeping faith.

On another note:
This is my first attempt to post using my iPad and Windows phone.
Windows can post images from my photo gallery but my iPad can not.
And uploading from my phone takes a lifetime!
I can browse on both but I still need my laptop to post on my blog. Sigh.
Hopefully, I will learn to navigate these gadgets.
Meantime, my apologies for missing your posts
and my inability to leave a comment
but I miss you all and hope to have the energy 
to connect with every one again!

Keeper of the Hounds
hopelessly keeping the balance . . .