Yes I am still in Heaven. . .

I am still here.
Still living with all the 
quirky loving creatures . . .
Still in awe
and enchanted
and in confusion
of most of them. . .
And yes I still have
the father and son team
of Kizu and his Popsy Hughes.
They will soon be celebrating their Gotcha days!

at the end of each day
as I try to do creative work in my studio
something is always amiss.
Something golden.
Something fuzzy and nagging
with my colors and objects.
I am sorely missing my Superdog.
And no matter how much I keep myself busy
and happy, and excited with life
there is a certain lump
when I realize
that I have to give myself
enough time
to move on . . .

And now I thank everybody who came and sent wonderful messages of love and hope which brought happy tears. I will be visiting you only now. I am extremely sorry for the long silence but it takes quite a struggle to come here in my happy space and still mourning. . .