19 January 2016

Getting Back Into the Stream . . .

I make my own potpourri.
It is a no-brainer thing.
I just slice the orange peels, sun dry it,
and voila, my own sweet scent potpourri!

I wish time can be bottled like potpourri.
I wish memories can be sundried and bottled
and made to linger and scent my surroundings.
I know I do this a lot.
I take a pause in my fast paced world
and I take a slow motion walk through
in my memory bank of happy and sad times
and I go through each moment lovingly.
When one see the world like a work of art
its haunting melody tugs deep in the bone.
Each of the images, and words, and longings
are locked into an ethereal wisp of a cloud
that brings happy tears and wistful smiles.

I am in that vortex now.
I went through the joyful holiday season
the merry embraces of family and loved ones
the drooly kisses of my growing hounds
of two dogs and six cats 
(I had new ones and lost some cats!)
and in the realm of the joyous moments
I pass by my musings blog
and go blank.

For so many moments I pass by my happy place
and I could not seem to find myself in it.
All my furry friends featured in my sidebar
are no longer around.
Except for my trees Yvon and Chicky
who have grown taller and beautiful
I miss a lot of familiar scents and names.

This is why I took a longer pause again.
I am reminded of my old hounds.
I am reminded of friends like 
Pat and her dog Chloe
and I could not go on
without breaking into million tears.

Our sadness and grief
are testament to our bigger capacity to love.
After all, we can only grieve
those who touched our lives
and kept a loving mark
permanently etched in our throbbing heart.

If I do not embrace my sadness and grief
in losing and missing them
my joys will not be complete.

I will never get over my grief.
But I will not wallow in its sadness.
I choose to make my memories
and remembering to be as sweet
and scented citrusy 
and huggably loved
as my bottled potpourris.

I bottle potpourris.
I bottle memories too.
And I take them out
and savor them to bits
like scented auras
of unforgetable joys.

Happy 2016, friends!