Its April Already!

And it gets hotter and hotter in Heaven.
We are now in the dry season
and we kept washing all of Heaven
to cool and calm the energies . . .

The flowers are blooming in the 34 degrees heat!
. . . they bloom and fade and flower over and over!

The Birds-of-Paradise kept blooming
which the dogs love!

Chicky, our chico tree
is bursting with fruits!
The birds get to them before us.
But it is OK.

Yvon, the avocado tree,
has flowered and is now brimming with fruits!
Hundreds of baby avocados will fall . . .
. . . and we will be left with enough avocados
to harvest in May and June.

And my hounds are doing fine . . .
I am hugging Hughes a lot.
Sweepy does not mind.
Hughes seem to delight in having a home at last.
Hughes adore Sweepy a lot
and he runs to Sweepy every time 
he feels threatened by loud noises,
visitors, deliveries, etc.

But don't be fooled by that angelic face.
Remember the neighbor's dogs?
Whitey and her mother Dawgy above apparently mated with Hughes
because they both gave birth to puppies this month!
Dawgy was given to the barangay (village) 
and Whitey is now adopted by the new neighbor
together with puppies of Hughes!

I hope we can find kind people to adopt the puppies . . .

April is about changes.
And changes bring about new faces,
new places, new projects,
new perspective of things and people.

I will embrace the newness of this month.
And the old, the familiar . . .
. . . the loved ones
who will always bring something new
and funny, and meaningful 
for all of us.

Happy Easter everybody!
And Happy Passover too.
. . . and merrily Eostre for keeps.
I wish you more eggs to crack
and share and plant again . . .