19 September 2015

Hounds Update. . .

Hughes is looking good.
And Kizu is looking gorgeous.
Together they had series of vet visits.
That is, their vet Dra. Miriam has been coming to our house
to update their shots (anti-rabies, 3-in-one, etc.)
some grooming, some fleas preventive,
and overall check up.

Sometime in June, Petrine and Petra gave birth!
And Petra nursed all the kittens!
But Petra moved them away from our sight!
They were lost and returned.
And now they love to play, eat and pose on the roof!
And they nurse together on Petra:
And they sleep together on the roof!
Hughes wishes you all a restful sleep
and Kizu,
well Kizu wishes the same
but only in his fun fashion: