Blog Blast for Peace 2014!

I know its been months since I last visited/updated my blog. Lately, with all the things that has kept me busy I always try to squeeze some time to update my blog and failed a lot. 

This has always been my world.
Super hyper.
Super quiet.
Super fast.
Super slow.
The swing of balance to extremes
has always been my world.

And I kept promising Mimi 
that I will make our peace globes.
I say it every week.
I try to do it every week.
And I could not.
But today I finally did!

My peace globe may be blue
but it is not of the globe.
My globe is the blue sphere in my hand
that cajoles my tiring walk around Heaven.

Whereas I walk with fast strides before
now, after my surgery and RAI,
I walk mindful of breathing spells.
It is the breathing that goes half tone
and the one that scares me a lot.
You know it when you find yourself breathing slower
like a half inhale/exhale at unannounced moments
and I get panicky and I grapple for air
and through time realized
that this is the pain of it all.
Not the physical piercing pain of cancer for some.
But the slow alarming pauses
that gets triggered by heat mostly. . . 

And through the years
the faces of the hounds are changing this year
from our rescued father and son pups Hughes and Kizu
to Petrocelli's mate Petra and Petrine
the others have moved on . . .
while the trees Yvon and Chicky watched
and danced and sang their passing
my senior superdog Sweepy
would watch this changing scene
in confusion, in anger, in joy. . .

Heaven is always one of peace.
In all the confusion,
and impatience,
amidst the fear of losing someone
and the joy of new energies
the ever changing landscape
of our drooly lives
we all remain
in Heaven.

And that is Peace.

Go have your share of peace blogs today!