19 October 2009

This flower is called Hoya. I just found out from my flower dog Bogart. Our happy friends from TodaysFlower told us its "flower name" when Bogart featured Hoya yesterday as his Today's Flower post again. Yes, again. Hoya blooms in Heaven all the time and every time I look at it, it would keep me in awe for hours! Hoya is really a work of art! For years, we called our Hoya flower Adi, inspired by our bubbly online friend from India who takes care of our dog friend Rufus. From Adi we met a lot of friends from India, some are flower lovers but most are animal lovers. My other dog Sweepy is the real sociable geek dog and has a long list of friends around the world! We really hold the power to connect within us. Not just through our hands, but mostly through our hearts . . . ;-)

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