29 November 2009

Last Thursday, my sister Luchie celebrated her birthday. She treated me and my other sister Loyd for a buffet lunch at the mall. It was a great time to bond with my two older sisters. As the youngest in our family I grew up looking up to them like my second parents. My sister Luchie being the eldest acted like the matriarch when my parents were away. She echoed all the teachings of my parents like being responsible with ourselves and our things. She taught with patience and love that we all grew up imbibing the same values and sharing them with others. I consider Luchie as one of my BFF (best friends forever) and although we argue and disagree on some things, there are more things that we have in common: our love for plants and animals, jazz music, art, creative stuff, shopping and eating out, and enjoying good laughter and endless talks about almost anything! And as the world turns and spins in all direction, at the end of the day, I am sure I will spend many fun, happy moments being with her. HappyHippyBday, Chuchi!

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