11 November 2009

Last year, before the year ends, I wrote a hundred wishes on a hundred small red papers which I later tucked inside a red envelope under my bed. I told my sisters to do it also. It took quite sometime to fill in all the papers but I managed to do it. (You have to sit down and write spontaneously and complete the task in one sitting! A tall order really) Today I pulled out the envelope and reviewed the wishes, laughing at some of them, and later segregating those that were granted. Surprisingly, I got a handful of my wishes granted!

This is really such a neat exercise. It is like a genie magic giving you three wishes but I decided to make it a hundred! I was very specific. Good health for ailing and busy friends. An award and recognition for a great artist. Trips. Some goodies too! And I was amazed to discover that some outrageous wishes were actually granted! And I thought that I still have a month and a few days for the other wishes to come true. I looked at the remaining 20% of "pending wishes" and realized that most of them are not important for me anymore. Some urgent things I wanted does not matter after a year! I mean if I can actually realized some whimsical wishes, then surely it really does not really matter if I won't get some of it.

I got more than three wishes this year and I'm fine with it. Now this is something to look forward to by New Year's eve when I cuddle with the dogs to soothe their frayed nerves from all that blasting fireworks: another hundred red papers to write what I'll wish for in 2010!

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