23 March 2010

I lovingly dedicate this post to Grace and all our friends, who, because of my busy schedule, I can not visit as often as I should.

You are all Love
You can not be anything Less
You bring only Joy
and I bask in it in contented sighs
at the end of each busy day
while I mull my happy fate.

From where I sit
huddled beside my sweet-smelling hound
You bring me Sunshine
and Moonlight
and whispers of a hundred stars
glistening in the darkened corners
of my closed eyes.

And because you are, I bring you Light. I imbue this Light with my own power of Love. You will bask in its strength, all the days of your life. In your happy moments. Or when you're sad. Or aching. Or feeling lonely . . . My Light will keep you warm and connected to my healing Love.

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