12 June 2010

Today is the 112th anniversary of our Independence. In 1898, the Pilipinos declared their independence from 300 years of Spanish rule. But this was followed by 50 years of American rule, and then the Japanese came and went, and then the country went to war in the 40s and maybe, after that, we are really "independent" which does not make it 100 years, and which technically means: history is not always accurate. When I discuss this with people (kids and adults) I roll my eyes and wonder aloud "but what does independence mean really?" I mean, when all the colonizers left, we had martial law under President Marcos for 15 years, and followed by leaders and people who kept us "tied" and unable to really exercise full freedom to live and work in a safe and democratic world.

I look outside of my country and I see the same thing happening in other countries. Freedom and Independence are mighty big words. We want independence when all we really need is to be dependent on each other to really live freely and live well . . .

NOTE: Philippine Flag with President-elect Benigno Simon "NoyNoy" Aquino III by my 11-year old art student Vivienne. Thanks Vivi!

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