12 August 2010

My dog Sweepy is a Superdog. No, he does not fly. He has a super dog costume though which he loves to wear for photo shoots. Yes, he loves to pose for the camera. And yes, he has his own camera. And yes, he has his own blog. But he is truly a hero dog. In his own universe (and ours) Sweepy has called attention (mine mostly) to the plights of animals in pain around us! Sweepy would call my attention to the crying dogs in our neighborhood (animals hear each other's cry across walls and fences!) and I will go and investigate and get myself into trouble!

"My dog taught me to leave my comfort zone to reach out and know a better and more comfortable world" -thoughts from my daydreams

. . . and this is Sumo, Sweepy's father and the alpha dog leader (forget that title when the lightning strikes or when there are firecrackers in the neighborhood!) . . . Sumo and Sweepy and their pack (before the others left Heaven to go to the Rainbow bridge, a funny description for the animal's resting place) have always been involved in animal welfare advocacy work. Animal lovers and groups call us for support and action on raging issues on animal care and protection. And we don our costume (not always) and get on our butt (not also) and bark our way to these issues. Now, if you'll excuse me, the dogs are barking again so I have to go follow-up on local authorities for their illegal ways of managing dog strays in the community . . . . More sepia scenes on:


Sherrie said...

They look really comfy lying there. Love the settee set, cute. Have a great day!

Food for Thought

Sweepy said...

Keeper, I have ten mails for you regarding the tambucho issues you raised!

Boom Nisanart said...

Very Beautiful photos of them : )

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