18 August 2010

My Non-Meme Something . . .

No, this is not a post for TodaysFlowers or MacroFlowers. The former is a meme on Sundays and the latter is on Saturdays. It is also not a YellowMonday post because even if it is yellow, today is a Wednesday. Nope, not RubyTuesday either or even BlueMonday. It can not be WateryWednesday too because it is not watery. No, not WordlessWednesday too, because this post has too many words! No, it is not an animal so it is not CameraCritters. It was not shot in sepia so it is not SepiaScenes. Not BlackAndWhiteWeekend because it is not grayscale and it is not a weekend today but the middle of the week! And although it looks like a flower, and they do call it a flower, it is actually part of a vegetable (the flower part of the stalk) which people cook as an appetizer or a viand. And I am sorry because I have not cooked nor tasted it so I can not even tell you if it taste yummy. This clueless Keeper just found that it looked "interesting" to be photographed when I tagged along to the wet market in search of meats for my dogs (the two dogs consume more food than the three human adults in Heaven!) And when I practically pestered all the market vendors with clueless questions, I decided to leave before they all shoo me and ban me from the wet market altogether! I, however, eat most of the green stuff beside TheYellowThing like a horse, even if I am not a horse ;-)

One thing is sure: it is a sunny Wednesday even if it is cloudy simply because I found this yellow something on a Wednesday! Happy Wednesday friends and furries!


http://graceolsson.com/blog said...

Lui, interesting shot...never I seen the same...congrats
Grace Olsson

Shadow said...

what is TheYellowThing??? let us know how it tastes, will you!