30 September 2010

Heaven's Angel . . .

This is an old angel carved in wood hanging on our facade but was blown away by last year's storm Ondoy. I did not hang it again for fear it might get destroyed should another storm pass our way again. I had a hard time posting pictures all week which is why I have two simultaneous sepia posts. This is for Mary's Sepia Scenes and also for Self Sagacity's new Thursday Two Questions at the BlessingsReflections who invited me to post two questions:

1. Do you believe in angels?

2. If you say yes to the question above, have you met yours?
If your answer is no, do you believe in Heaven and Hell?



Lui said...

And or course my answers are:

1. Yes. I call them spirit guides.

2. Yes, I met Habuiah who is playful, prayerful and heals! Yes, I believe in Heaven because I live there. No, I don't believe in hell and any concept that punishes all loving souls!

Now it's your turn!

Self Sagacity said...

First of your photograph is very intriguing. I love angels and I have a little collection. This one is very unique, so thanks for sharing.
Boy! You really got me on the questions. It was a total surprise. I believe in Angles, and I believe in having one close by. Even though this is true, I have not met my angel that I could recollect. I might be making her/him mad now...so I have to say, if I did, I don't remember off hand.
Thanks for joining today, great questions Lui.

jeannette said...


Very nice wooden (sepia) image!

Yes I believe in angels, who are created by God, just as he created heaven, earth and hell. The last he was forced to, because he is a just and righteous God. The evil that one of his arch angels spread, which I call satan, must be punished. I don't want to dwell on evil, but I can't deny it either.
I respect your opinion though.

Francisca said...

That's a gorgeous woodcarving... from Paete? I sure would hang it back up - even though more typhoons are likely to come our way. TO answer your questions, my language is a bit different than yours; I believe in souls in the forms of spirits, and perhaps there are some who guide me in this life. My soul mate is perhaps my angel on earth, and I believe we meet stranger angels along this journey of life who help us when least expecting us (I've been helped by them, but I've also been one many times.) No, I don't believe in heaven and hell except in our own creations. [The silversmith on my post had nothing to sell. :-) ]

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

1) Yeah, I do believe in Angels

2) Well, no, I haven't met mine or maybe I did but failed to recognise them.. Hahaha..
And well, even though my answer is yes, I would like to answer your question on Heaven and Hell...
Well, I believe there is Heaven and Hell but in a way, Hell is not what many made it out to be - a punishing place but rather, it is a place for those who have yet to sort out their resentment, anger, hatred, etc to sort them out, you know, like a learning place..

Well, I am taking part in Thursday Two Questions for the first time so hope to see you around with your thoughts to my questions..


Icy BC said...

That is a beautiful carved piece!

1-I do believe in angels!
2-I've met many but at the time, I didn't know! Angels came in so many different forms! As for heaven and hell, I'm still trying to figure out.

Cathy Kennedy said...

Yes, I very much believe in angels. They are truly all around us and whiile have not seen my angel(s), I have witnessed their deeds in my life and those I love.

As a Christian, I do believe in a heaven and a hell. The Bible gives a beautiful description in Revelations 21 of what heaven looks like, as well it meantions a lake of fire in Revelations 20:15for those who have refused Jesus to perish for all eternity, unless they heed the words in Romans 6:23.

God bless and thank you for allowing me play Two Questions Thursday!

Margaret Duarte said...

I believe in angels, but not the ones with wings. I meet angels everyday in my life. They appear through my granddaughters and children, they appear through my friends, and they appear in my dreams. They appear in the sunrise and sunset. They appear as rabbits and coyotes along my 3-mile walks. Angels are everywhere, if we care to look.

Poetic Shutterbug said...

1. Yes I do believe in angels.

2. Yes I have and in many people. I think angels are people who have an impact on your life and either teach you something or are there for you in any situation.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

I do believe in angels and believe I have encountered a few, as to whether the angel was mine, I'm not sure. I also believe that it is our duty and privilege to perform "angelic" tasks from time to time.

Love your pictures and thanks so much for the visit. God bless.

DoanLegacy said...

Growing up as Catholic, heaven and hell are used to teach good and bad, I think we all need to believe in doing good instead.

And I do believe in angels..

Donnie said...

1- I believe in Angels.

2- My mother said when I was a few days old she saw my father, who had passed 7 months prior, leaning over my crib. I believe he is my Guardian Angel. I believe in Heaven and Hell also because I believe, for myself, the Bible.

Have a great day.