16 September 2010

Sepia Scenes 100!

Our currency is the Philippine Peso. One hundred in Pilipino is Isang Daan. We have hundreds of islands (7,100+) and hundreds of Pilipino languages (170+). The PhP100 is around $2 although the Peso is now going strong valued at $1-P43. I bought this handy beautiful black beaded bag for P100 (a steal buy!) because it can carry my phone, camera, card, money, keys, etc. and also because it was made by hand by a boy from an NGO (non-governmental organization) who help the less fortunate by providing them a means of livelihood! The P100 bill (violet color!) also carry the image of Manuel A. Roxas whose son and grandson figure prominently in politics for years! Congratulations to Mary the teacher for the Sepia Scenes Thursday meme who is now celebrating its 100th posts with anything and everything in hundreds!

UPDATED! Here's the colored version for reference and to appreciate the actual color too:


Viola said...

Hi there! :) Such a beautiful bag! And you can put all your stuff in it?? So many languages you hvae, and still more islands!! I didn't know..
Good to know that you helped the less fortunate by the bag trade. Goodnight to you, I don't know the difference in time between our two countries! I'll soon go to bed.. :)

Ralph said...

The currency is sepia and not bad looking at all, probably because it is 100! Yhe bag is artistic and lovely, and purchased for P100. It is not a steal, as the seller was happy to sell and is happty for the currency. Very nice!

Carletta said...

Lui, I see you and I were on the same wavelength!
Looks like you are ready for a night on the town. Can I come along?

knitwit said...

That is a beautiful bag, with a great story behind it. Definitely a steal!!

jeannette said...

Love your shiny bag - the 100 dollars I like even more (to have it...:) )