13 October 2010

Sleepy Sepia Sweepy!

This cute animal print bone-shaped stuff toy is my dog Sweepy's favorite because it was given by his human girlfriend Happy who is married to Sweepy's favorite vet Dr. Geoff. Note: Sweepy has 7 human girlfriends and 1 dog girlfriend in Canada. LOL! Sweepy has practically destroyed most of his toys but surprisingly, there are those he keeps in good condition and serves as his comfort object especially in moments when I am not around. This is my contribution to Mary T's SepiaScenes and for Self Sagacity's Two Questions for Thursday which is as follows:
1. Do you have an object that you keep like a security blanket and why?
2. Is there a person or an animal in your life
that you treasure and hope to keep with you
for the rest of your life and why?


Poetic Shutterbug said...

First, I love your shots.

1. I used to have items as security blankets when I was younger but I do not anymore.

2. I have one particular friend who knows me inside and out. This friend takes the bad with the good and as a result I know I will have my friend around the rest of my life.

Lui said...

My answers:

1) My mobile phone I guess.

2) Sweepy and Sumo my dogs. And most of my close friends. They know who they are! ;-)

Self Sagacity said...

Growing up, I never was encouraged to have a security blanket. But now, I really like for my daughter to have something she can find comfort in. No, I don't have anything I can't live without.
I hope to keep my kids and my SO around for as long as I have left to live. They are the only people that have done anything for me without asking for anything in return.

Margaret Duarte said...

The closest I can get to a security blanket is my purse, I guess. I can't leave the house without it. Need that driver's license wherever I go and my wallet and credit cards and medical card and sunglasses and lipstick and gum. Need I go on?

The person/persons I most treasure are my family. I have nine brothers and sisters, a husband, two sons, a daughter-in-law, and two granddaughters who all live close and I treasure. Don't make me choose!

Luna Miranda said...

gorgeous shots! i love the animal-print toy.:p

i used to thumbsuck when i was a kid and a pillow was my security blanket. i had that pillow until college and imagine my room-mate's reaction to a ratty, old pillow! that pillow comforted me somehow when i was homesick.:p

i have a dog named Fritz who thinks he's human.:p i love him dearly and tend to spoil him. i always pray that i will always have Fritz with me to love.

Viola said...


1. mobil phone and the camera.
secret small stone (stones)..
my blanket of nails (Yantra).

Just because I cannot avoid them.. The stones maybe bring lucks.. or heal.. (I'm not sure..but just in case, hihi)

2. Pusa and my dear man I'm living
My other family!

Just because I love them and cannot be without them! :)

Donnie said...

Such a sweet picture.

1- I have a lavender stuffed small pillow, about 6X12 inches. I bought it before I found out I had Bladder Cancer and during the chemo I would just breathe in the calming smell of Lavender and it helped. So at 65 years old I guess I have a security blanket...lol...So far I am cancer free 2 years and I thank the Lord.

2-Like most of your readers I treasure my family the most.

Viola said...

Cute! Dogs like to play with things, just like cats.. ;) I like the color of Sweepy, he's a nice dog! :)
Hugs from Viola and Pusa! :)

Icy BC said...

I don't have a security blanket because I wasn't allowed one!

I will all my family members for the rest of my life since they mean everything to me!

Cathy Kennedy said...

My answer will be for both questions...my husband. He is the best security blanket in the world. I find comfort and strength in him whenever I need it. He's always there to give me just what I need at the precise moment. He's my bestfriend, my lover, and my husband for life.

kaye said...

great shot--thanks for stopping by.

Sharon Wagner said...

I really enjoyed your photography posts. The last collage with the dog paws and hand. The moth emerging from a cocoon. All so creative!