08 November 2010

In the Boys Lair . . .

I met this cool chap this weekend.
Er, make that cool chirp.
His keepers did not gave him a name and so I will.
Meet Thor:

Thor refused to be touched by anyone except his keepers. But Thor invited me to his house which is a makeshift condo with several units which houses his friends and whatnots. As soon as I took a peek inside the open house, somebody, er somebirdy, immediately called the attention of everybirdy:

"tweet! the keeper of Heaven is here!"

"tweet! the keeper of who?" somebirdy asked.

"tweet! hey that's the keeper of sweepy, the superdog" somebirdy retorted.

"tweet! i ain't coming out for any keeper of any heaven!" another birdy declared watching me from the corner of their abode. Now this one was pretty stubborn and gave me a wicked smile. Their keepers (some of the boys I sometimes play with who also help me with my dogs sometimes), suggested I feed them so I get a real welcome. And that's what I did:

Notice how the stubborn birdy refused to eat in my presence. She simply walked out of my sight and into one of the rooms in their condo. Their keeper said that it is their nap time which is why they appear lazy and quite snobbish. I wanted to take a picture of them flying together in circles and flying back to their condo after an exhilarating flight. Of course, if I wait a bit I could do that. But I was just on an errand and I have to rush back to feed my hounds! I promised to get back tomorrow and possibly take a picture and a video of their flight which I will update here on this post ASAP. Meanwhile, I placed some seeds on my hands to mark my scent for my next visit.

Now you know why it is such blasting fun to be playing with boys too.
They have such wild games and pets!
This is my BIG birdy tweet for Lisa's MacroMonday
and Misty Dawn's CameraCritters. . . .
And here's my UPDATED pictures and video
(taken just this morning!) just as I promised:

The Pre-Departure Flight with one of their keepers Ricky
(the rest of the boys are in school already!)
I played the role of the air traffic controller.
A heavy role and I think I was too excited to document
BUT too slow to follow their path! My bad!
NOTE: The Flight Video is taking too slow so I'll download later ;-(

. . . and the Return Flight,
, The safe Arrival (ahhh, back on the roof!)
. . . to be continued Wednesday. . .


lotusleaf said...

Lovely photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

lisaschaos said...

They really are pretty, under-appreciated, birds. :0)

One said...

Hi, Lui. This is a very enjoyable post. Beautiful photos too. Nice looking condo. :)

Fotobloggen 2010 said...

nice collection of doves

Bom said...

How nice of you to come up with a story to go with the photos. Glad to have come across your blog.


Gattina said...

What a friendly pigeon ! I wonder what my cats would say if I show them your post ?

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love your peace globe, what you wrote so wonderfully about peace and all of your beautiful, happy critters.

Viola said...

How sweet they are, especially the one in your hand! :)