15 November 2010

Macro Yikes!

. . . that is really his name
and I did not give that to him.
You see, when people see him
they go "YIKES"
followed by "Shoo!"
which could be his nickname.

Yikes love to go here and there . . .
not really knowing which direction to take
which makes him dizzy!

And of course when he is in that state
he decides to doze off instead . . .

When Yikes get jolted from sleep
possibly from loud barking hounds
who barks at anything moving down Heaven
which is like every hour or so *u*
Yikes goes back on his way . . .

. . . and at times somebeings would hitch a ride
which makes his journey
long and difficult . . .

But where exactly is he going?
Where exactly lies his fate?
Ahhh, there it is!

The object of his long journey
is to have an eyeball with me, as the Keeper of Heaven.
And only to tell me too late
of the Second Annual Worldwide Moment
which is to join hundreds of critters (and their humans)
in a day of silence and contemplation
at exactly 11:00 PM November 14 GMT
which is around 7AM November 15 (Manila)

In a sea of silent whispers moving in one powerful sweep several times around the world comes the hush prayers for healing, for relief and comfort, for lost critters to find a home, for Pet Guardians to rebuild their homes, for love to reign and to bond as the unseen but powerful rush of energies surround and make its presence felt in the magical cyberspace . . . .

And I, as the Keeper of Heaven,
assured Yikes and all critters that in Heaven
all our energies are constantly and regularly sent
to everyone who needs it.
And is just as well sent to YOU readers as well!
And more importantly for Lisa and her fun chaos at MacroMonday!


Donna@Conghaile Cottage said...

This is a wonderful post!!! "Yikes was kinda cute"!!! Can you tell I am the Mother of 3 sons? I live in Eden because my 3 sons have taught me kindness towards all the critters... It took a while to get used to the snakes, BUT I did, and Eden is tranquile, just as Your heaven... Thank you for sharing your beautiful post!

Gattina said...

I prefer by far your doggies and legs ! it's really yikes !! I couldn't take a picture of such a disgusting thing !

Maaike said...

what a huge bug!
great shots

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

Oh my goodness...what an insect. By your macro photos they look HUGE!!!

My Macro is in a NUT SHELL

Jidhu Jose said...

nice shots

Dave said...

excellent macro shots!

Bom said...

Lui, do you actually take care of Yikes? Cool!

Míriam Luiza said...

As fotos são boas e o pot informativao, mas prefiro ficar longe deste bicho!

Míriam Luiza said...

As fotos são boas e o pot informativao, mas prefiro ficar longe deste bicho!

Gary Orona said...

I enjoyed this post. It's funny but very sensible. Nice photos too.

Linnea said...

Too cute!

Lui said...

Hullo everybeings!
FYI, Yikes is a stag beetle. I googled it ;-) After our meeting, Yikes went looking for a mate and found her (which is not exactly a PG moment so picture not included)and flew away happy and I run away afraid he'll land on me. Yikes.

No, I don't take care of him as most of the critters in Heaven. But when they visit, I welcome them.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

The bug gave me the willies, but your pics were awesome. I prefer your fur buddies!

lisaschaos said...

Yikes indeed! He's a nice big one! Fun story but I think you can keep him. :0)

michael bird said...

What fun! I think Yikes was looking for a tummy rub or maybe even a tickle when he turned belly up for you. I think you would very much enjoy Sagan and Druyan's Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors if you haven't already read it. Lovers of life with a keen sense of humor. Tks for coming by and pointing out some of the details on my kingfisher - the 'wings' did not register for me...

Viola said...

Have you seen..!! Such a big "Yike"! You are brave staring him into the eyes, so closed!! :O :)

Viola said...

And I forgot to say- so beautiful and sweet the last photo is!! :)