18 November 2010

Miniature Sepia . . .

This is a ceramic sculpture of one of the churches in the Philippines made by Esther Mercurio. She was my gallery assistant in an art and community center I once managed. I encouraged her and most of the staff to take our in-house workshops for free (she took workshops in pottery under Jon and Tessy Pettyjohn where she learn to do ceramics, Spanish lessons with Instituto Cervantes, painting and music lessons with several teachers Delfin, Jake, etc.) and had exhibitions which included this piece which she gave to me! Although I treasure most of the artworks given by artists and students and I regret not having the space to showcase most of them. And I chanced upon this piece as I was rummaging through my 'stocks' in search of props for my "Tall Tale" project (which I will write, narrate and illustrate) and my holiday preparations (it is my task to spruce Heaven for the holidays and we do start early in this part of the world not to mention the cards that must be sent to more than a hundred people around the world which sometimes take a month if we're lucky since they really cost a fortune and pretty heartbreaking when they don't make it to the recipient.) Now you know why I have our holiday card early in my last post. . . but I'm digressing . . . . .

This ceramic piece brought back memories. Some good. Some bad. And you're left holding an object that you treasure together with the good and the bad memories that it brings and you knew that everything that matters in the world is much like this artwork: it is created from inspiration, molded with passion, every detail is accentuated, glazed to perfection, while all the imperfections were peeled off, corrected in time, discarded for good, until that final piece comes out of the kiln in its perfect form ready to be displayed to the public. It takes courage to view a perfect piece and appreciate its imperfections. It takes humor to appreciate the small indications that you tried to erase but somehow, with your knowing eyes, you still see. And it takes love and respect to acknowledge that for every piece you create (every projects you do, every positive things you do for yourself and other people, etc.) does matter and that they carry a big piece of yourself that can be held and appreciated for many years to come. . . . And with that, I invite you to view more meaningful sepia scenes at this beautiful site hosted by Mary: (a lot of meaningful scenes are best magnified in sepia!)


And here are my 2 Qs for Self Sagacity's TwoQuestionThursday:
Do you treasure bad memories together with the good ones?
How do you hide your imperfections and reveal your strengths?


Lui said...

And my two As:

Yes, I treasure all memories because when you look back you realize it was not all that bad...

I show my imperfections and at times hide my strengths although I use it a lot. ;0

EG Wow said...

I like your positive attitude. It does take courage to appreciate the imperfections in something you've created, that's for sure!

@nemonen said...

I like miniatures. Perfect in sephia.

Ralph said...

The ceramic looks almost real in sepia - as if we are looking at the building from a distance over a stone driveway. And the shadow is great too. Nicely captured miniature!

Sweepy said...

We got late registering for our card exchange! Again! Whats with you anyway!

My life is ruined!

woofy, drooly MAD,
the not-so-super-anymore-dog

Sweepy said...

...but I'm answering your Qs:

1. No I hate bad memories especially when your humans are forgetful!

2. I don't have any imperfections. Just an imperfect, forgetful keeper.

Now I'm off to wander and sulk somewhere!

My word verification: platdog

Poetic Shutterbug said...

What a great artpiece and I love the sepia.

1. Yes, I treasure the good along with the bad because treasuring the bad also helps in appreciating all the good. Good or bad it's a part of us and should be remembered.

2. I don't hide imperfections anymore. I used to when I was young but now as an adult, it really doesn't mater to me what people think.

Annie said...

I don't know what I like better Lui, your photos or your writing. Hmmm, let me think. Yes! Your writing. The photos are always lovely and enhance your themes, but I feel the words that seem to come from deep within your heart.

Margaret Duarte said...

1. I don't concentrate on bad memories. I'm lucky, I guess, because bad memories are pretty much erased from my mind.

2. I can't hide my imperfections (unless you're talking about physical imperfections that can be hidden under makeup and nice clothing), especially from the people I love. I just hope they care for me in spite of them, because I'm only human after all.

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

Hey my dear.. I am back.. Yep, on my way to recovering.. :) :) you know about my leg and well, it had been a long while since I am around in here..
I missed so much of your post.. and wow, looks like I need some time to find my 'way' around in your posts.. ;)

How's Sweepy? I missed him and did he miss me? LOL.. ;)

Oh yes, I checked out houndsinheaven and I found what I had been looking for.. Thank you sososo much, dear.. I am going to try it either tonight or tomorrow.. I wondered if I could get it half as beautiful as you did though.. :(

Alright, enough said, I should be answering to your questions instead of 'talking' all the way..

1. Yes, I do.. Sound crazy and insane for some but to me, that is the whole part of it so yeah, I do..makes the story and meaning(s) in them complete..
2. Wow, hide my imperfections? Hahahah, honestly, I never did.. Well, that is because I always failed.. The more I hide, the more it showed and as time goes by, I was thinking, 'what's the point?' and decided to just let them be.. Reveal my strengths? Hmm, seemed like during when I am with kids, animals and with people who needs support, etc.. That's when my strengths will show, one way or another, unknowingly too..

Alright, done, I have said much.. This week, my questions is on Tingtasy instead of my two other blogs so see you around, my dear... and give Sweepy a kiss for me, will you? and tell him, I love him.. :)


Maboe said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog, like your miniature!

Luna Miranda said...

i love ceramic pieces that are deformed, not evenly glazed--it's beautiful in its uniqueness and imperfections.

i do treasure the good and bad memories--the bad memories to remind me of the lessons learned, and the good, well, to make me smile.

i show my imperfections to people i am comfortable with, to those who accept me without questions asked, none given.

Donnie said...

I turn bad things over to the Lord and try not to dwell on them. Sometimes easier than others.

I have imperfections?

Have a great week.

Cathy Kennedy said...

I wouldn't say I treasure bad memories. In fact, if there is no value in that memory I would rather keep it buried, but if there is a lesson learned from a bad memory then it's good to recall it.

I wear my imperfection on my sleeve, there is no hiding them. They are there, like them or not. However, I do actively seek to change the imperfections which I can alter. I believe we should always seek ways to do this. I'm referring to non-cosmetic imperfections, perahps your speech. I'm terrible with misprenouncing words all the time. That's an imperfection. I work on this constantly. I use to consider my nose an imperfection, but I learned I liked it the way it is. So no change is needed.

Jidhu Jose said...

Nice shot

kaye said...

lovely sepia, thought provoking post. thanks for stopping by.

DoanLegacy said...

1) I treasure good memories, and bury the bad ones.

2) To reveal my strength, I have to pray for it, and try my best to get through the rough times.

Self Sagacity said...

My bad memories have to be very bad to call bad. Okay, now that we defined bad I don't want to remember them, but they stay anyways, because they are bad, it's hard to forget.

I don't hide much Lui, as you have already noticed, I really am the way I am on my blog too. Smiles.

Lisa said...

What a little cute church!! Nice in sepia!

SquirrelQueen said...

What a pretty little ceramic piece, it is beautiful in sepia.

I treasure all memories but concentrate on the good ones.

Our imperfections are part of what makes us individuals. If we desire and work at it a little the imperfections can become strengths.

Anonymous said...

u are my IDOL, Lui....I like your attitude.
and the sculpture is beautiful and the photo too..