02 November 2010

Red Hallowoof . . .

Before anything, please note that my dog Sweepy is a male dog. And he loves the color red which is why he has a lot of things RED: harness, collar, drool kerchief, pillow, scarf, toys, his witch hat, and his SuperDog costume.

Some kids ask me why Sweepy is always in red since he is a male dog. And I told them that red IS a Male color. The female color is actually pink which is red with white. And the blue color is a female color and surprisingly, baby blue is what most Moms use for their sons. Haha! In most religious images, the artisans use red robe for Jesus Christ and blue for Mother Mary. Somewhere along the way a lot of things change and became the norm. Personally, I am not into gender issues which is why I enjoy playing with boys too and their awesome toys/plays (spiders, cars, clay, eat-all-you-can meals, etc.) As for Sweepy, he is presently playing a one-week meme of himself in his BLOG which I was duly instructed to inform (read: beg) everyone to visit. And if you like RED like Sweepy, then Mary's Ruby Tuesday is the best place to visit and where I am linking this post! Halloween is done, Sweepy. Go pack your witchy stuff!

The witch dog waits for his treats and finding none is likely to howl all week. Be warned. -Keeper in Heaven


Nora Johnson said...

Have just visited Sweepy's site - awesome! He's so handsome and clever!

Happy Ruby Tuesday,
Lola & Nora:)
btw Here’s my quick RT link!

EG Wow said...

Hahaha! Loved these photos!

lisaschaos said...

LOVE! How sweet! I bet he got lots of great treats. :0)

chubskulit said...

Lovely costume for beautiful dogs hehehe.

Please hop on to my Ruby Tuesday when you have time. Thank you!

Carolina Mts said...

Great outfit and red looks good on Sweepy - we call our cat Sweetpea but it comes our like we are saying Sweepy!

Maria @ LSS said...

Haha. He's super cute!

Jama said...


Mar said...

Great ruby shots!! love that outfit!
Ruby Tuesday

Serline said...

He might be a little out of shape, but certainly dressed for the part of canine super hero ;-P

Auntie E said...

How great.. love the hat.
My ruby Tuesday link for you

Anonymous said...

thank for your visit on my blog, I discovered your beautiful photos !
I like your originality, you seem to be a very creative person !
I like this post, "Superdog" is so cute!
yours photos of flowers are also superb and i like your series in black and white !
I can only congratulate you for your good work ! :))

Bye Mahon**

Viola said...

Oh hello!!--> your Red Hallowoof Sweepy melt my heart, look how he is beutiful and gentle in the first photo especially!! =) I like #3 or #2 coming up as the second best.. :)

What do you don't know, I say.. !! About the red and the blue colors, male and female.. aha- that's why I all time have prefered blue to red.. ;)

And I did not know the rest either.. :O

Thanks my good teatcher.. :))

Peace, love and light to you!
Kiss and hugs to your dogs! (from Pusa and me..)

Gattina said...

I suspect that Sweepy's mom also loves red, lol ! My cat Arthur looks also beautiful in red because he is totally white, lol !
The pictures are so cute and funny !

We love Luna said...

Wow You are so adorable in your red costume, and so nice hat!
Thanks for your visit and comments!

maryt/theteach said...

Adorable dog in RED! :)