25 November 2010

Thanksgiving in Sepia . . .

We really do not celebrate Thanksgiving in the Philippines. But I am happy that even with years of colonization and years of fighting for our independence and years of simply living and imbibing the different cultures in our small island, the Filipinos have retained most of their indigenous roots and tribes, most of their 100 plus languages and inherent treasures amidst political and cultural bungling of priorities and vision.

In my small house named Heaven, I am happy that I can afford to live simply and be happy, to connect to a wider network and not be enslaved by it, to have access to material goods and not pine for it, to have the opportunity to be productive and contribute to my community without demanding compensation or financial remuneration, and to have my beloved loved ones especially my elderly hounds and family still 'youngish', healthy, funny, and provide me with constant love, critical balance, unending joy, intellectual stimulation, creative space and a home that I long to come home to at the end of each day . . .

My sepia shot of our wildflower (first shot above including the second one with my dog Sweepy) was taken using sepia option of my Nikon Coolpix is for Mary's Sepia Scenes. The one above was taken using regular setting. And now here are my questions for Self-Sagacity's Two Questions for Thursday:

What are you thankful for in your life right now?
Is your cup half full or half empty?

Happy Thanksgiving to our friends! I hope everyone is thankful with their lives. Btw, I wanted to attach Sting's They Dance Alone music as inspiration for my last post but did not have permission to do so. So instead I will simply direct you to its YouTube link. . .

One day we'll dance on their graves
one day we'll sing our freedom
one day we'll laugh in our joy
and we'll dance . . .


Lui said...

My own answers to my Qs:

After my long thankful post, I am also thankful recently of the free anti-rabies shots provided for my community by our local leaders!

My cup is overflowing!

Margaret Duarte said...

I'm so sorry. Pressed for time tonight and tomorrow. Thanksgiving for me means good friends like the ones I've met through Thursday Two Questions. I'm thankful that I've discovered you. Happy Thanksgiving and see you again next week.

Sweepy said...

I am the only goodlooking sepia in here. Now to answer your Q:

I am thankful that there is no winter here or I'll freeze to death!

I have no cup but my bowl is always clean...until my next meal!

Self Sagacity said...

Wow! That was a great Thanksgiving post. It's wonderful that you are able to contribute to the community, have your home, and not pressed for anything insignificant. Thanks for being here for your friends.

SquirrelQueen said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving post. Great photos, I really like the one of you and Sweepy.

I am thankful to be healthy, happy, to have friends all over the world and the love of a wonderful man.

Life is good, my cup is always at least three quarters full.

Annelie said...

Thank´s for stopping by my blog, and yes, it´s 3 pictures in one.
It´s so much fun to do this kind of work!

Annelie said...

Thank´s for stopping by my blog, and yes, it´s 3 pictures in one.
It´s so much fun to do this kind of work!

jo©o said...

Me a wanderer too :-)
Happy THANKSGIVING to you and thanks for being a cyber friend.

Luna Miranda said...

i am thankful for my positive state of mind, good health for everyone in my family and Fritz. i am grateful for friends who stick around.

i am blessed with a good life, my cup is almost full.;P

Jidhu Jose said...

nice sepia

Viola said...

A nice song, but not my favourite.. I used to listen much to Sting before.. :)

Lovely photo of You end Sweepy! Lovely flower!

Many wice words you're coming with..

My cup of tea has gotten cold, but you remind me to drink it.. :) It's on another table..

What makes me happy right now? Friday and the weekend is here to come! :)And my crocheting..

Good night to you- and the blogger land! :)

♥-Icy BC-♥ said...

Fantastic post, Lui! You're a very rare and beautiful soul.

1) I'm thankful for all the small blessings in life, such as a house to live in, a car to get me to where I have to go, and children who fill my life with love.

2) My cup is always half-full, and half-empty..It's the balance of life..

DoanLegacy said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving weekend to you and your beloved ones.

1) We're thankful for our mother's health..She is 83!

2) I consider my cup is full with a bit of everything.