13 December 2010

Ansty Monday

The Ants are busy members of the community in Heaven. They mind their own business. They work as a team where an advance party goes around Heaven sniffing for almost anything including animal paws! Those paws carry with them all sorts of stuff that Ants love. So when one of the dogs cry out I run like a madwoman and when I check I see ants. And everybody, er, everybeing gets nagged. The dogs for having dirty paws AGAIN. And the ants for biting anybeing in Heaven. They should just take food and not bite anyone. That is Heaven's rule. Sigh.

But this scene is a happy one for ants. They are busy storing food for the cold rainy days when they hibernate to their own paradise somewhere deep in the belly of Heaven. I am sure that for all their busy, productive, and fun ways, they have built themselves a community that is unparalleled in any team building exercise. Theirs is a community built on team work, of working for others, of building and saving for the survival of all, at times even at the mercy of risking their lives! A valuable lesson for humanity and a powerful mantra needed in any community.

My happy macro side of Heaven only for Lisa's MACRO Monday and Allie's HAPPY Monday who are all doing "bokeh" this week. I hope everybody and everybeing is off to a good start this week!


Allie said...

I love the last picture! Thanks for linking up!

Kim, USA said...

That is beautiful Lui!
Macro Monday

bek said...

Such neat shots! Love the bokeh in the first one. Thanks for stopping by!

lisaschaos said...

I LOVE your stories! Ants have such a busy life!