06 December 2010

Lazy Monday in Heaven . . .

. . . and there goes MsHigad.
Trying to hide her sleeping self
while lying upside down in Heaven's plants!

But how did she do it?

There! Half of her pretty legs are wrapped around the plant
while she snores for all the world to hear . . .

And MrFly heard the tempting snoring alright. . .

. . . and gave in to nap, upside down as well
in our sleeping (not presently blooming) Hoya plant!

. . . and yes, shhhhh!

Yikes, the stag beetle heard it as well . . .
and no Yikes does not snore
but he whistles an ugly tune . . .

. . . and so did the hounds.

The father and son woofy tandem
of Sumo and Sweepy
pathetically snoring
in complete sync
with all the lazy drooling beasts
that inhabit my old house Heaven.

As for me . . .
I am awake.
I keep watch.
And with eyes closed, I listen happily
to the sound of snoring dears
and I felt the magical chanting spell
of contentment. . .

My quiet, lazy Monday
to calm the chaos in Lisa's MacroShots
and Misty Dawn's fun CameraCritters.
And our happy portrait below for Allie's HappyMonday!


Jidhu Jose said...

Nice shots. Which camera u using?

SeaThreePeeO said...

Great pictures and a fantastic post!

Herding Cats x

Lui said...

I use Nikon Coolpix point and shoot, Jidhu.

Allie said...

That last picture is pretty funny! Thanks for linking up!

Amy said...

That's a really creative self-portrait! Very unique. :)

Thanks for stopping at my blog, hope you come back again soon!

lisaschaos said...

WOw! So much to see in that last photo! Love all the bugs!

Viola said...

So wonderful, same time fun to read! :) :D

Hugs to your dogs and you! :)