14 December 2010

Ruby Tuesday . . .

And yes, Caitlin. Somebody RED. Somebody BIG. Somebody with a big wet nose, but not exactly RED, does live in Heaven. And yes he has a list. A long one. And yes you're on it! He has something for everyone for Christmas. And yes, he's coming to town with drooly gifts! Watch for it! And all these RED tips should tell you what he has in store for everyone. I am super excited myself. And here is a secret for everyone. That big red Somebody has fitted his ho-ho-ho suit in my last post! That's a BIG RED hint! Most especially for Mary and her Ruby Tuesday!


Jidhu Jose said...

nice shots for the theme

Anonymous said...

lovely red photos. happy ruby tuesday!


Y. Ikeda said...

The first photo is great. I like composition and angle!
This is ideal for RT entry.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...


There once was a guy who wore red,
He wore it to work and to bed;
His pj’s were scarlet,
Though he was no varlet—
He simply liked everything red.

© 2010 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Ruby Tuesday: Old Story

eileeninmd said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday! Cute photos! Have a very Merry Christmas!