27 January 2011

Life May Be A Game . . . .

. . . that we chose to take.

Some play for fun.
Some play to be challenged.
Some play to feel the power of winning.

Some play and lose
and realized that the value in losing
lies the knowledge for our strength.
You need to know your weakness
before you can conquer it.

Some play just to survive.

Some play to while the time away.

And some get really bored playing
. . . and waiting . . .

. . . and hoping for a more powerful opponent.

What is your favorite game?
Do you look at Life like a game that you must play and win?

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Lui said...

And my own answers to my two questions:

1. I love to play hide and seek with my dogs. That is, when I am not playing chess with them ;-)

2. I think life is more like Art. It has drama, music, breath-taking scenes, inspiring verses and literature, awesome visuals best captured in the film of my memory!

Self Sagacity said...

1) I like playing scrabble, but I really don't play it that well. I also like to play Taboo, but can never get enough interest.
2) No, I don't treat life, or live my life like a game. But I do "think" life is a game because many people that I know through working tend play games. And I don't like to associate with these people.

DoanLegacy said...

Those photos are fantastic, Lui! My favorite game is scrabble, and now that you ask, I think life is very much like a game..I couldn't positively win them all, could I?

Y. Ikeda said...

I am not sure whether or not life is like a game since I don't know who I am playing a game with in my life...
Roll playing game?

♥-Icy BC-♥ said...

1) I like many board games, Monopoly is my favorite though.

2) Sometimes, life seems like a game, you win some, you lose some, you go up, and you go down! I just float with it!

Beautiful photos, Lui!

JamericanSpice said...

Lovely post.

1. My favorite game I think is spades. or scrabble.

And no I don't look at life in that way. Not consciously anyway :)