21 February 2011

Quisqualis Indica

Yes, that's her name!

I am very bad when it comes to names but I have a lot of good friends to tolerate and remind me or generously provide a good reference for the things that I find interesting and which merit my taking a pause and reaching for the camera in my pocket! I only have a point and shoot.

Stop world!
I am getting off!

I actually said that. I was with my sister Luchie who I accompanied to the market last Sunday when I have to take detours along the way to shoot whatever takes my fancy. When I saw this flower I told the driver to stop and Luchie smilingly allowed it. I need only a minute to shoot.

I featured a similar variety of this flower before (click HERE) so I already know its name (a reader identified it!) and proudly narrated it to the driver who gave me his own flower story. Imagine!

I liken this experience as viewing a visual art work.
It catches your eye across the span of the gallery walls and it keeps you enthralled and inspired that you wanted to know deeper about the work and the artist who created it. And if you are lucky you leave enlightened by the experience.

I share this with Mary of Ruby Tuesday.

And for Lisa of The Creative Exchange, here is an edited version of this flower:

I intended to wash out the color in monochrome but I decided instead to tone down the red and left a cluster in its natural color for contrast. Sometimes my dreams come in toned down abstract patterns that look like this. Muted. Vivid. Real. Unreal. Contrasting yet they fit like missing pieces of a puzzle in my cloudy imagination . . . .


lisa said...

Lui - What a wonderful way to describe such an experience!! Your shots of these flowers are just wonderful, and it is such an interesting beauty!!

Thank you so much for sharing it at The Creative Exchange this week.

Have a wonderful evening!


Digital Flower Pictures said...

I would have had to stop too. Nice flowers.

jo©o said...

Lovely name of a lovely plant.
I enjoyed your post.

Evelyn S. said...

Your photos are wonderful....and your descriptive narrative is just special!

Pat said...

Interesting post and lovely flowers!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers ... and those lovely blue skies too. I want to be there! :)

lisaschaos said...

I love these fun flowers!! :0)

LisaF said...

Good for you to stop the world every now and then...for a good photo opp! Enjoyed reading your thoughts on viewing artwork, whether it's in a gallery on on the sidewalk. I like what you did with the photo. The color of the flower cluster really pops off the page.

Self Sagacity said...

I was going to say, this looks familiar. I love how you find these flowers that are very delicate and interesting - all in one.