14 March 2011

Catsky . . . in Heaven!

. . . when I see this . . .
I knew somebody is up on the roof again!
And then I understand why the agitated drooling hounds below are whining like mad again!

I call all visiting cats in our house Heaven as Catsky. . .

I really can not understand it because my dogs grew up with cats. My late Mom had 21 cats which she practically adopted from the neighborhood, feeding everyone as they come and go, until my Mom died, and her cats and dog stayed until their old age! Sweepys Mum and Sumo's mate Pica was my Mom's dog and Pica was put to sleep at 17 years old! The last of my Mom's 21 cats was Gold and Gold practically tolerated all of Pica's family until Bogart and Sweepy came along which proved too much for Gold and Gold stayed on the roof (where he was fed and his bed cleaned regularly) until he died of old age. . . Now the stray cats around the neighborhood still stray in our property even with my barking dogs but stays only up to our roof.

I missed having cats again.
And I love that the stray cats would still stay on our roof to sleep.
Apparently, our neighbor would feed them.

I love their indifference.

I love their elegant movements.

I love that they love to stay in Heaven . . . even with my noisy, drooling hounds!

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lisa said...

What wonderful photographs Lui!
I truly enjoyed reading this post.

Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

have a wonderful evening!


Veronica said...

these pics make me smile and laugh. I have two kitties, I should share....thank you for the smiles.

Jama said...

There's a lot of stray cats in my neighbourhood too, I know a few ladies who would walk around feeding them in the evenings. I'm not a fan of them so I stay away from them.

Viola said...

Such a wonderful cat, and I can see its a male cat ;) So nice of you to let them stay on the roof and yhat they can come and say "hello" to you! :)
Oh my.. your mum must really loved cats, so many of them!! :O Then I can understand you're used to them. And her dog got to be very old and a good and long life!!

Your collage is beautiful!

Now I'm looking forward to Sweepy's birthday....!! :)

It's a nice thought of you to want to send me some vanilla ice cream! :) Thanks a lot! :)) (Do the postman carry a fridge along?? Hmm..)

My best regards Viola! :)

lisaschaos said...

You made some nice photos of the cat, I am not a cat person but can enjoy their beauty from afar. :)

xinex said...

Cute cat.! Is she Siamese?...Christine

We love LUNA said...

Bonjour dear friends!
You have such a cool place there, and I love your choice for the name "heaven"it's just perfect!
I would love to visit there and play with you!
Funny collage and pictures, your mommy there is so creative, well done!
purrs, love and happy Tuesday

mohdhafifi said...

Come here from Malaysia


Pat said...

I see why the cats want to stay around with such a caring person and happy dogs! Nice post!

Gattina said...

The photos are so sweet ! 20 cats ! that's not bad.My dog used to run after all cats except "his" own cat ! lol !

Carla said...

Well said! Our cats don't have access to our roof, but I wish they did. A cat snoozing on your roof is a lovely thing:). (sometimes I think dogs just bark to announce what's going on;)

gina said...

A very interesting post. Your cat collage is so cute! I'm a cat lover, but I could never manage 20 plus cats. Thanks for your insights about spirals on my blog today.

Viola said...

Hello again! :)

I've just sent you an e-mail now..

Have a nice day to you and Sweepy and Sumo!

Pusa and Viola :)

Marie said...

So cute, I love kitties and all their many moods and mannerisms!

Lisa said...

Love the collage of the kitty. Twenty-one cats! Wow!! You and your mom's hearts must be as big as Montana.

Judy Sheldon-Walker said...

I always lived with both cats and dogs and usually they got along quite well; romping and playing together.