06 March 2011

Sunday Challenges


These are my angels votive candle holders.
They are made of resin and are quite small.
They make perfect accents around the house.
They make perfect subjects for manipulation.
Digital manipulation, that is. ;-0


The Holy Book. A mini one owned by my sister Luchie.
Although it is small you can open the pages and actually read some chapters!

Well, not really. Not if you don't want to strain your eyes!
Of course, it is worth your while to take your time
and read a normal sized copy of the Bible
and be enlightened and inspired.

A Taste of Italy

Well, not exactly Italian.
I had this to-die-for ube ice cream cake (totally heavenly!)
which reminded me of the forgellato (wait, did I spell that right?)
I had the day before together with my favorite pasta dish
but I was not able to document it! ;-)

When I think about how __ is in the __, I just have to __.

I tweaked it a bit.
And converted a slightly blurred shot
into sepia which expressed my sentiments a bit:
"when i think about my late dogs in their new heaven
i just have to hug my present dogs in our own heaven"


The alarming number of broadband antennas are now being replaced by USB sticks and wifi access in residential areas making internet connectivity fast and in huge volume! In a friend's house, their mobile phones take longer to receive data because in their neighborhood, those with powerful antennas compete with all the other communication tools! These receivers cram our airwaves and energy fields, making some animals confused and restless (who knows how these affect people as well) and possibly even nature too. . .

In our desire to be always on the go, always in the know, and always 'on line' has demanded gadgets that provided technologies that bring knowledge fast and at our fingertips within seconds. Yet so many people have not benefited from this. For a lot of people are still clueless,
apathetic, confused, lacking initiative and drive inspite of all the tools they have to empower themselves and their community!

Healing Heaven's Trees

For Harriet's Shadow Sunday.


For Jan's SOOC Sunday. This is how the weather goes.
A struggle between rainy and super hot day.
Saturday was rainy and Sunday was hot.


Lily Hydrangea said...

Nice photo contributions! & I like your self portrait with your dogs & birds on the side bar.

Jan said...

Great job, today. Thanks for your SOOC photo.

Ashley Sisk said...

These are great - that was one very very tiny book!

Anonymous said...

Oooh - that ice cream cake looks Delicious!!

And that picture of you and your dog is absolutely precious. Beautiful.

Teresa said...

Those are all wonderful shots. I just love that first picture of the candle holders--great lighting.

Sweepy said...

Keeper, you won Amy's CSS today and you didn't even have a CSS pic today!

Quick make one or suffer her ire!
Now don't say I did not warn you!

Hey Harriet said...

Such wonderful photos! And that icecream cake looks super yummy :)

Henrietta said...

Is that bluebarry ice cream cake, that looks very tasty. I love italian and spanish artesan ice cream, have you ever taste it!?

julie said...

Great "hunt" shots! I just love the color of that cake...looks delicious!!

Viola said...

I'm just stopping up for a while when reading about what you wrote about the broadband antennas..and that they can make some animals confused.... :O Something to think about.. Hmmmm.. :/
I'm thinking about the bees.. many of them have just vanished..died.. and maybe because all the broadband antennas in the world, and the mobiles?? :/ The world needs their bees!!!!

Kisses.. :)