19 April 2011

Berta's Cats

And here they are! The old photographs of my late Mama's cats. There were requests for me to post their pictures and I have to scan my archives to find them. These photographs were taken sometime in the 90s using an instamatic camera! Well, these are not exactly the whole 21 cats since most of the cats were scattered around our house. Please note that these same old photographs were posted and shared by us several times in other animal blogs including the 2008 Pawlimpics (animal olympics)!

Mama would bring home stray cats and feed them.
The cats would stay and even invite friends (other stray cats) to visit and stayed as well. Mama would not mind. Somehow, Mama would find ways to include them in the household budget!

Mama would always have food lying around.
Do you see Sweepy's Mom Pica in the lower right?
Pica was given to Mama by a neighbor in 1991!
Pica was put to sleep in 2008.

After eating, the cats would start cleaning themselves . . .

And once clean, they would take a long nap . . .

While others prefer to gather around and sleep together!

And there were times I cuddled beside them and listened to their relaxed breathing.

Ahhh, Berta's cats . . . what loving memories!

Mama's cats and dogs and chickens and trees and us her children were her treasures. Mama did not just adopt and took care of homeless cats and dogs but also of people (she would invite strangers for coffee!), watched the neighbor's children, sewn clothes for them, cooked for them, and attended many school activities with kids whose parents were at work! It was not surprising to find strangers in our house, apart from visiting relatives, because people were naturally drawn to Mama (and my Papa as well) warm company. Oh, I do miss them.

In loving memory of my Mama

(aka Berta, taken when she was still single)
August 22, 1920 - April 19, 1994

and Berta's cats
Note: the last cat of the batch, Gold, died of old age in 2003.

I am sharing this with Gattina's Cats on a Tuesday.


Jidhu Jose said...

Wow..its a great cat family
Loved the shots

lifeshighway said...

Thank you for sharing. A lovely memory.

Viola said...

Oh...!! I'm quite overwhelmed here I'm sitting looking to your Mama's cats and your words and your Mama's passionate way of taking care of the lost animals and people....! She must have been a lovely person, and she is really beautiful! Sure you have a little way of beeing from your Mama.... :)

The cats are looking so satisfied and healthy! So cute they are! :)

Viola :)

Kjelle Bus said...

What a lovely memory !!!
Thanks for sharing :)

http://graceolsson.com/blog said...

oh, Lui

very nice shots of the cats. I adored the portrait in B&W.

MY dearest, now, I am stressed searching for apartment in Uppsala, the Swedish city where I´ll study Master. The city is located 1.30 h by car but I can´t go there everyday cause it will be stressfull and we dont have train, everyday to ...So...I am too tired, Lui and praying for my God to help me...HAPPY EASTER IN ADVANCE, SWEETHEART