02 April 2011


Pink Butones!

Pink Zinnias!
A whole field of them!

Pink Adelfa!
And in case you're wondering how it looks before it opens, here's a 'baby Adelfa':

Needless to say, they are all perfect for Beverly's Pink Saturday!

. . . and also for TodaysFlowers of Santilli, Denise, Pupo and Sandy.

It was not exactly a 'pink' week for me. I caught something in the air and on my way home last Tuesday (at a hot high noon!) I felt dizzy and went to a convenience store and bought a drink. Wrong move. The cold chilly bottle made me more nauseated. I nestled the cold drink in my hand as I prayed that I reach home without fainting on the road! I did and found my dogs panting in the heat. I quickly changed the water in their water bowl (please note that when the weather gets hot, the water does too! So please, dog owners, check your pets water bowls during hot weather!) and got wet towels to cool their furs. When I was done I forgot about my dizzy spells! So I freshened myself and had a nap.

Then on Wednesday, Luchie came home from a short vacation, and brought this:

The dreaded Mango Pie. The weeklong ad campaign of this pie on the papers got to us, confirmed diabetically yours family, and vow to get that pie home! Wrong move again. By morning I had a splitting headache. It was so bad that I decided not to have my morning coffee and instead buy 'taho' (a tofu drink from a passing vendor):

Again, wrong move. I was all dizzy that I spent the whole day in bed nursing my aching self. Then by mid afternoon, still with my head throbbing, I took breathing exercises (thank God for my yoga!) and decided to review my week. Breathing slowly in and out clears and calms your brain to allow you to think inspite of the pain. And the verdict: overload of sugar PLUS hot weather (dehydration) PLUS some virus equals "not pink health." Everybody receives viruses everyday but it is not everyday that your body is at its peak to fight it off.

So what did I do wrong this week?

Drink something cold when I trained myself to drink water at room temperature, drink cold bottled juice when I should have taken mineral water instead, not gobbled one third of the tempting pie even if my sisters ate their share in one sitting (it was sooo yummy!), had taho with all its caramel syrup (yummy!) instead of taho with my honey. And this week I had junk foods (yum-yum sodas and salty chips!) Oh, I knew better to take caution when the weather gets awry (super hot during the day and chilly at night) and when I mingle in crowded places where people cough and sneeze everywhere and load my body with healthy stuff to help it get by!

I knew all that. But this week I forgot. So I limbered up, had virgin coconut oil, had water therapy (drink and hourly wash) and cuddled with my dogs (affection soothes and relaxes your body to help it fight infection!) and by this weekend, alas, I am fine! My sister Luchie made some Ginatan, a local dessert using fruits like banana, langka, kamote and boiled using fresh coconut milk, which is healthier and satisfies dessert people like us:

And look, Beverly, the sky is soooo pink!

And so is my health! And I hope and wish that all of you is in pink condition as well. Have a healthy week everyone!


Jori said...

So pretty! I adore zennias!

Jidhu Jose said...

nice shots

My garden haven said...

Pretty as well as delightful post. Your ginatan looks like a popular Malaysian desert called pengat. I'm sure it is lovely served cold.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Sounds like quite a week.

http://graceolsson.com/blog said...

i love your texts, dogs and, u more than all and...

LOVE Uhttp://graceolsson.com/blog/2011/04/impressions-of-argentina/

Francisca said...

Glad to hear you got over your non-pink week, Lui. But your pink photos, flowers and sky, look delicious, as does the tempting mango pie.

SquirrelQueen said...

Hope you are feeling better now. In the summer heat drinking lots of water (us and our pets) is so important.

I love your beautiful pink flowers.

SandyCarlson said...

Your post is gorgeous. Completely gorgeous. Thank you for naming these beauties.

January said...

complete! very nice post!

Here’s My Flower for Today Lavender

Ever Green Tree said...

Pretty in Pink!

Arija said...

What a heavenly post!