23 May 2011


It was excruciatingly hot the past few days and last week I found my Alpha dog Sumo (the leader of the pack) looking lost, limping, and refuses to eat. These are signs of heat exhaustion which killed Sumo's huge pup Bogart last year. Sweepy looked equally drained but less scary. I wet their nozzles and massage their furs with wet towels, wet the surroundings to cool them down, and left everything to God and went to work.

Our firespike loves the heat and sudden drizzles!

People usually greet you with "how are you?" at random and normally I smile back with "I'm good. And you?" But this week I sadly responded to their greeting by telling them about Sumo and my exhausted plants and how much I worry about their condition and that I am leaving their fate in God's hands. That evening when I got home who would be meeting me at the gate jumping for joy upon seeing me? Sumo with his pup Sweepy! Their happy greetings and recovery inspired me to survive the hot, tiring and busy week as well!

Rare white and purple leaves emerging on our variegated green and white firespike! But guess who is enjoying the shade and security of this plant?

Spiderpie still determined to survive at all costs!

What else made my day? What little and big things made me look at the world with a smile, with less pain, with more kindness, and with the resolve that if the world will end today, I will gloriously embrace my ending with joy and rapture. Which is what I do anyway, doomsday or not. . .
The fortune plant sprouting again after having a harsh trim last week.

. . . the orchids are all sprouting inspite of the heat!

And although I would not welcome any strange visitor that might be harmful to the rest of Heaven, instead I greeted him and wished him well!

And at the end of the day . . .

My two wonderful father and son dogs Sumo and Sweepy enjoying some music on a hot day! What more can I ask?

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jo©o said...

Hiya Lui,

What a wonderful collection of leaves you are showing today.
Mostly on plants I have only seen in the gardencentres.Or not at all :-)

MarieElizabeth said...

I love the purple leaves in your plant what a happy surprise.

lisa said...

What wonderful photographs Lui! I sure hope that the dogs are okay, and that it has cooled down some there.

Thank you so much for sharing these at The Creative Exchange this week.


Linda Makiej said...

Terrific photo work!

Pat said...

These are lovely photos of your plants! I'm so glad Sumo and Sweepy are OK! Take care - try to keep cool!

Jennifer@threedogsinagarden said...

I hope it cools down soon for you and the dogs. I have never heard of a dog that liked music before. Nice photos.

Anna said...

The firespike has gorgeous coloration!