01 May 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!


A familiar scene in Heaven.

Rimmed with Lights

The lamp in our living room.


The same lampshade used above!

Toes and Feet

My poor tired dry feet obviously needs a foot spa! ;-)

This Is My Favorite

Arroz Caldo, a hot chicken porridge made from sticky rice topped with green onions, crunchy fried chicken skin, fried garlic, and hard boiled eggs. It is one of my favorites (obviously when it comes to food I have lots of favorites ;-0)


Ashley Sisk said...

Really nice job - I like the first one a lot.

Jackie said...

Love the first one. Is your town really called Heaven!!! I would love to live there!

Lui said...

Nope, Jackie, it is my house I named Heaven ;0)

My Captivating Images said...

:) Your post makes me smile. :) I don't particularly like feet but I love your feet photo. Is that an edit that you did on it to make it look curved?

Miriam said...

Lovely lovely photos. The way you used the lamp twice is wonderfully creative. So pleased I saw your pictures this morning.

Lui said...


Yes, I edited my feet pics by using my dog Sweepy's editing tool called 'whirlpool' and enhancing tool in toad green ;-)