13 June 2011

Brooke on a Monday!

. . . you are like treasures in my hands.

. . . your cascading flowers never fail to leave me breathless with delight!

This is the same orchid plant I featured in my post yesterday. I name her Brooke. This is not the first time I featured Brooke since she is so prolific that she gets everybody's attention every time she blooms. I share this for Lisa of TheCreativeExchange.

And this close up for Lisa of MacroMonday

It is Monday dawn as I type (Sunday 1PM in the USA) and my friend Joey is packing his clothes in London to fly to Nepal and our other buddy Patrick is flying to New York. My cousin Lisa in Ireland is packing her stuff to fly to Manila. And I watched my suitcases as it waits for my own packing like a nagging object: Go, Lui. And I closed my eyes and knew I can not just pack and go now. Not when Brooke is blooming. Not when my dogs are panting in 36 degrees heat. Not when my loved ones are in that wonderful phase when exciting changes can bring fear and uncertainties if left unchecked. . . .

Brooke on a Monday brings me back home to stay. . . to where the stuff that matters remain constant and utterly delightful! That trip will find its own time someday.


lisa said...

Brooke is absolutely beautiful Lui, and so is your post. I truly enjoyed reading this.

Thank you so much for sharing this today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful evening!


Pat said...

What a gorgeous orchid, Lui! I understand why you do not want to travel at this time! Hug the dogs for me!

Carletta said...

You must give Brooke lots of attention. She seems to thrive on it.
I've never named a plate - pretty neat idea though.
Have a great week!

Lisa said...

With such a gorgeous plant, I don't blame you for wanting to stay and enjoy it. London, Nepal, Ireland, Manila and New York will all be there later!