06 June 2011

Mister Bug

Mister Bug is lost!

Oh, but where are thou going?

You can't be gallivanting down my Heaven
or bit any of the creatures and beings within
or do any harmful whatever to whoever
in My Heaven!

But in your creepy, buzzing, fuzzy world,
in your innocent and adventurous wanderings,
you are welcome to stay and experience our haven
as long as you behave and keep things in order . . .

. . . and if you would
I, and the rest of the hounds,
will embrace you with glad tidings . . .

- our usual welcome in Heaven

for Lisa of

and for Lisa of


Denise said...

Hi Lui, that is a very interesting bug. You've captured him well.

Thanks for visiting, and no it wasn't me who linked you with TF. I'm happy someone did though. If you ever need that doing again, please don't hesitate to ask me.

lisa said...

Great macros shots Lui!

Thank you so much for sharing the today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful day!


Ms. Becky said...

your photos and blog are soothing for my spirit and that fills me with wonder. thanks for the inspiration.

Pat said...

I love this series, the way you brought us closer and closer to Mr. Bug!