18 July 2011

Another Cactus Sings!

"I finally discovered the source of all movement,
the unity from which all diversities of movement are born"
- Isadora Duncan

Still moving in a busy week. And while duty is dispensed like mechanized movement: cook the dogs food, clean, study proposals, feed the dog, analyze worksheets, groom the dog, re-align program budgets, troubleshoot renovations, reassure dogs, reassure Luchie, water the plants . . . something out of the ordinary springs a surprise! Hey, where did this thing come from? Suddenly, this amazing a-meter-tall flowery shoot (I'm sorry but I am not an expert on plant terminologies) from one of the cactus plants called my attention. I knew it was not there the day before. I water the plants everyday so I know.
"Learning is movement
from moment to moment"
- J Krishnamurti

Suddenly, the world stops.
My busy world took a pause and I pulled a chair, took my camera, and I sat for an eternity watching this amazing growth before my eyes, caressing my hands, my face . . . the dogs . . . and singing to us, the skies and the Heavens above and below, and welcoming us into her world, instead of us welcoming her to ours. Oh, but how can I really welcome any being to a home that is theirs as much as it is mine? Although this plant has been in our home for years now, this is the only time I saw it bloom with flowers so I am giving her the name Casey.

Casey loves my dog Sweepy and leans over for Sweepy to sniff her properly (a welcome gesture for most animals), and beside Sweepy's father Sumo, Casey's height can be seen (longer than my whole arms!) and beside the other cactus with another amazing pineapple-like flower which I featured her just last month (gosh, I forgot to name that other one!) and Casey with all the other flowers in our house Heaven!

Casey may took years to bloom but when she does, she sprouts in a day, swirl open her petals during the day, and before you know it . . .

. . . her flowers are all out! But only for an hour. As if the fast blooming exhausted her, so she curls up again and if you are not a keen observer, you will fail to witness all these movements! I am glad I was given the chance to experience it up close.

Oh, I love these discoveries! These amazing energies, such abundant grace never fails to keep me grounded amidst the turmoil and rush of contemporary times. At sunset, I pack my stuff and head back to where chores beckon until dark settles. I am home and so is the moment and the movements.

For all inspiring friends Maia, Lisa, and the TodaysFlowers team of Luiz, Laerte, Sandy and especially for Denise who always take the extra mile to ease my slow online movement ;-)
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Denise said...

Hi Lui, I love these beautiful flowers! I am so sorry I did not check today to see if you were sharing these, but I have already linked you on the TF homepage. Have a great week my friend.

Denise said...

I read your post about the virgin coconut oil. Do you mean from an actual coconut or is this something you buy? Gregg is doing much better thanks. He went to the doctor and he gave him a prescription that is helping a lot, so happy about that but I also really appreciate your comment.

lisa said...

These are wonderful photographs Lui, and I see that little sweetie (Sweepy) in there!

Thank you so much for sharing these today at The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Autumn Belle said...

Casey looks like the flowers from the Sansevieria trifasciata. It has many common names: Sharp Tongue, Mother-in-law's tongue, Snake Plant, Tiger Tail Orchid (China), Sword of St George (Brazil). The flowers are very beautiful.

Ever Green Tree said...

I too love discoveries in the garden. Lovely series of shots.

maiaT said...

Nice words for a rare beauty.
I think taking a photo of such a unique event was more important than the flower itself.
Good that you happened to be home to capture this short lived flower.

Plant Chaser said...

Lui, congratulations on your new bloom! It's a beauty. I hope you were able to collect seeds.

The Chair Speaks said...

The flowers are lovely!