25 September 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday!

Low Key
Angels in all sizes, design, colors, materials are scattered all over my house Heaven. But of course! Where else but in Heaven . . .

Monochromatic/Analogous Color
My favorite palette this week is actually a non-color which is the neutral shade of sepia and brown made vibrant with red!

My sister Luchie's "batibot" chair!

Come to think of it, my dog Sweepy has practically 'owned' most, if not all, of my scarves except this one. Wait, he does use this as well. Hmmm . . .

Remember the old rotary big black bulky thing? It does not work anymore but I keep it for possible use (for mixed media work, installation, performance, etc.) plus they make perfect conversation piece anytime!

Have a great weekend!


Patrice said...

Love those colored pencils!

Saun said...

I did the old rotary phone too except mine is tan very ugly (mine).
Nice shots.

Ashley Sisk said...

Nicely done - I really like that phone. Wish you could still find them like that...although I don't know that I'd enjoy being connected.

LINDYLOR said...

Love the Circle Chair and the phone too.

LINDYLOR said...

Love the circle chair and the phone, great set