23 October 2011

SHS and CSS in Heaven!

Since I work with my hands a lot (design, research, arts & crafts, cleaning, dog do etc.) . . . I am using my hands (and fingers) for Ashley's ScavengerHuntSunday this week:

Hmmm, I read labels a lot and to be honest, although I support organic producers, some of their products are not so effective. Like the 'citronelle' which I buy to spray on myself (I live in a mosquito island) and which is bad for dogs does not seem to repel flies and bugs not unless you keep applying every hour I guess. But I am digressing. Now where was I?

There. The dreaded MrFly. Aesthetically striking but can really be pesky.

My hands (and feet and face and my body in general!) are constantly battered by my playful senior dogs (yes they are still frisky in their senior years, thank God!) and it is not uncommon to get trampled, drooled on, jumped at, and constantly squeezed and hugged by my loveable father and son Sumo and Sweepy. Hey, but who's complaining?

. . . taken last Saturday while facilitating a workshop for kids. Some of their works at my studio blog ;-)

Always Look On The Bright Side
The ever changing skies not knowing whether to shine or rain but yes, if you look at the bright side, the heat is balanced by the cool air and there's a certain warmth in the afternoon after the rain and amazing plant life thrives even with the storms!

. . . and for Amy at ColorSplashSunday:
(sorry no bokeh this week)
. . . is MrFly sleeping during a lull in the afternoon when the dogs are taking a nap.

Have a fun, challenging and productive week ahead!


Ashley Sisk said...

Nicely done - I really like your fly shot!

Kathy said...

Awe, I LOVE your "under" capture. It just conveys such love in only a small gesture. Lovely.


Nancy E said...

The words shot with your pup in the background is my favorite. Nice job --- interesting view from the hands in each photo... ;)

Jessica said...

I love these photos; so adorable! MrFly is the best. :)

lisa said...

Loving those paws Lui!
Great photos!

Denise said...

Another very enjoyable post Lui, I too love the paw photo but find the fly very interesting indeed. Never seen one with such bright red eyes. Thank you for your sweet comments on my father-in-law's recent surgery. His recovery seems to be going in the right direction.

Cindy Adkins said...

Love the paw photo - I love all paws almost as much as noses!