05 November 2011

Not Bitter But Better

I spotted this cute dainty yellow flower across the churchyard.

My sister Luchie identified it. Her exact words were: "that's the ampalaya (bitter gourd) which you refused to eat" . . . She said it with a wry smile as if to taunt me that I am (AGAIN) appreciating the very flower of the vegetable which I refused to eat. Sigh.

Yes indeed. I must be reminded to eat the bitter gourd because it helps if your family is prone to diabetes like mine. Luchie would serve it like a raw salad marinated with vinegar, ginger, salt and pepper just to make it edible for us. Yet I try to take only a few pieces just to show her that I am trying to eat it. I did say 'trying'.

. . . you are not bitter
for you are the better version
of all things blended and purified
to celebrate the good life . . .
Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1

Like the bitter gourd, we have our bitter side.
Mine is the moody, impatient, hyperactive individual
that goes around distracted, absent-minded, and restless.
Yet, this very same trait of mine is what is needed
for my creative work to flourish and be meaningful,
not just for me but also for others.

And I hope this beautiful simple nutritious sturdy plant will keep blooming with its yellow flowers to remind us of the duality in our nature and how this helps create the wonderful individual that we are.

For Maia and Luiz, Laerte, Sandy, and Denise.
And for all flower lovers everywhere!


Ann said...

I like bitter gourd.

Francisca said...

Ah yes, pretty yet bitter. You are so right about our duality, and how a weakness can also be a strength. Lovely thoughtful post, Lui.

SquirrelQueen said...

You are right, we all have two sides and one is bitter and the other sweet and lovely. I have never tried bitter gourd but the flower is very beautiful.

Luna Miranda said...

oh yes, ampalaya has pretty flowers! it makes up for the bitter flavor.:p

maiaT said...

Another interesting exotic plant. It looks like some kind of cucumber to me and I like the flowers of this plant family.

You are right about creative people being moody, impatient, restless and also, always uncontent, that's how they manage to move the world forward.

queen of rainbow said...

interesting flowers

thanks for dropping by and the comment :)

Carver said...

Wonderful post and shots.

Rajesh said...

Wonderful shots of beautiful flower.

Denise said...

From one creative mind to another ;), your photos are lovely! Have a great week my friend.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

I am nt fimiliar with Bitter Gourd but have a feeling I wouldn't like it. It does have a nice flower.

Terri said...

Hi Lui, I am an admirer of your blog and love the way you talk "...decorate early here in my islands..." Thanks for visiting. I get what you say when you talk about living in heaven; I try to live in heaven every day. Your blog is full of tranquility yet there is a strong energy for life. You have a gift and there are many in the world who need it, so keep sharing your sunshine. Blessings Terri www.morningdewdrops.typepad.com

Misty Dawn said...

What a wonderful post! You are right, we all have our bitter side... but, perhaps our bitter side is part of what makes us unique and sets us apart. And perhaps for some, such as you, our bitter side is part of what helps us flourish.
My photo this week is of leaves, rather than flowers. I hope that it is OK that I linked it to Today's Flowers.

guild-rez said...

Great post..
I love to see and read about flowers and plants I will never grow in my garden.
Thank you for sharing!!

Míriam Luiza said...

Parece flor de abóbora. Lindas fotos!

Arija said...

What an interesting and beautiful plant, both the flower and fruit. Unfortunately I have not come across it in our country. I think any natural remedy is a good thing.