20 November 2011

Yummy Time!

Ahhh, nothing can beat stress
like a good dessert!

After all
Stressed spelled backwards
is Desserts! Ha!

I indulged in all the five desserts
in a mini cup . . .

. . . and who knows
maybe it helped
beat the restless mood . . .

. . . because after this luscious moment
I finished all my reports!

For Lisa and all the indulgence at:


Ellie said...

You are right - yum indeed lol.
I didn't realise stressed spelled backwords was desserts - you learn something new everyday!! :)

hannah said...

Loved this.
Wish I could make this my breakfast every day :-)
Also love that desserts can de-stress one.

lisa said...

Oh Lui, this looks sinfully delicious!
It's looking like chocolate and some whipped cream to me. Two of my favorites!!

Thank you for sharing these goodies at The Creative Exchange.

Sending you wishes for a wonderful day, and a great week ahead.


gina said...

What yummy images! It looks like you enjoy the same kinds of desserts as I do.

Anna said...

Oh my, you're making me hungry:) I certainly agree - a little dessert always helps when stressed! Here's to chocolate and sweets!!!!!

C'est moi Claudette said...

I LOVE that you LOVE your animals. I have hugged a tree, for the first time this summer, on an Island with a castle on it.
I love the fact that you enjoy all around you and make this world a better place.
Thank you Lui for giving me a piece of your heaven.
Love Claudie from Canada

Connie Smiley said...

Oh Lui, that looks so delicious! You're making me hungry!

Genie said...

You go, girl...you are a woman after my own heart. Of course mall five helped you finish your reports. That is what they are for hahahahaha They all look really yummy. No wonder you had to have a bite of each. genie

Míriam Luiza said...

Hummmm! Com o calor que está aqui agora, um desses iria bem!

Míriam Luiza said...

Hummmm! Com o calor que está aqui agora, um desses iria bem!

AJ said...

This looks like a really yummie dessert!

Viola said...

Do you really have to temp me Lui!? ;))
Because I really got tempted now! The cakes look SO delicious!! =)


Hugs from Viola! :)

Cheri said...

Yum, those looked good. Sweets will help the doldrums for sure.

Sweetpea and gang

Jeanne said...

This looks very yummy, and such a revelation that stressed spelled backwards is dessert. That is something that i am going to have to remember!!! Such a pearl! Hope you are having a lovely week

Cindy said...

Yummy!! Now I'm hungry! lol