08 January 2012

The Creative Exchange

These are two buds (different varieties) of our Hoya plant. You can hardly see or notice them when you pass because they are so tiny (smaller than my nails!) yet they sing with such shrill bravado that I have no choice but to take a pause and pay them attention.

Two buds, same plant, but different manner of blooming. The one on the right had just shed her petals which I featured last week although I always feature them. That long rough part of the stem will produce buds and gorgeous flowers continuously! The one on the left will produce a globe-like flower bouquet that is just as enchanting!
The Hoya plant is small but extremely showy, gorgeous and only in macro shots (or close up view) can you appreciate the intricate details of it. This reminds me so much of this year. 2012 is year 5 (you add the numbers together) which is a fun year where those who dare pursue their dreams can actually realize it! The mantra is to affirm the best, go for it, and believe in the magic of the moment . . .

For Lisa and her magical world:


lisa said...

So tiny, yet so beautiful, and truly one of the many things we may never appreciate if it were not for our cameras. I think I am going to love Year 5!!

Thank you so very much for sharing with us at The Creative Exchange this week.

Have a wonderful day!


Minoru said...

You live in a heaven? it's very good!
I want to see these buds bloom in near future.

Viola said...

Lovely! I'm looking forward to follow you on this Hoya plants when blooming..! :)

I'll remember year 2012 as "5".. and try to take care of drems poping up.. :)

Hugs from Viola! :)

Cheri said...

So cool that these two buds are on one plant - can't wait to see them bloom!

Hi to all the four legged at your place from all of ours!

Cats of wildcat woods

Karen said...

I went to look at your shots of these in bloom. Fascinating plants!

Evelyn S. said...

You have such delightful macro images of the plant world! I'm going to research the Hoya more after seeing your wonderful images.

Genie said...

The greatest gifts come in the smallest packages...and that is appropriate in this case. You macro shots really brought the bugs to live. Beautiful photography. genie