28 January 2012

My Two Hoyas

This is a tale of the two Hoyas in Heaven.
I always feature them!

This is the Hoya on the left of my hand.

It looks like small dots bunched together!

And blooms like a mini bouquet!
That turns yellow when the petite petals open:
And fades in a whisper . . .

Now this is the Hoya on the right of my hand
on the first picture above:
The whole length of that brown thing
will repeatedly bloom!
(Sorry but I am really a clueless Keeper
and do not know the name and parts of plants!)
The petals turn yellow too
but it spreads itself out
like a mini fireworks!

Together, their blooming and fading brings moments of joy!
. . . and I forget who is fading or blooming . . .
This one is the Hoya on the left with all petals gone!
And they both whisper energies of love . . .
that keeps me sane, hopeful, and less afraid.
Flowers are 'living' and breathing and 'communicating' with us.
And I am happy to be aware and be part of this magical world!
For Luiz, Sandy, Laerte, Denise, Maia and Beverly:
Macro Flowers Saturday badge 1
And the pink is my hand! ;-)


Maia said...

Lovely little flowers. It's interesting how it keeps bringing new flowers from the same "brown thing" (I don't know its name either).

Tinas PicStory said...

great shots! wonderful :)

Cecilia Artista said...

Loveley pictures of the Hoyas! I like them too!

Vhen said...

love captures of Hoya! so that's Hoya, thanks for sharing!

have a great weekend!


hope yo see you too, thanks!

Modern Mom said...

It's so beautiful!

Gorgeous Tulips

Ann said...

I never looked at Hoya at early stages. My friend does research, that is why I am interested in Hoya.

Jama said...

They are so lovely!

Self Sagacity said...

You post the most unusual flowers. What a pleasant surprise again.

Muhammad khabbab said...

Pretty flowers. I guess they are fragrant too. They need humidity i guess this is the reason they grow easily in our tropical city Karachi. Beautiful post.

Carolina Mts said...

Very different flowers.

Denise said...

I always love your macro shots of the beautiful flowers in heaven. Thank you for sharing them, a lovely way to start my morning by catching up on your blog.