25 February 2012

Spider Lily

" . . . tell me and i'll forget
show me and i may remember
involve me and i'll understand . . ."

I heard a woman share this quote while waiting at the mall. The woman said it is a Chinese proverb best suited for senior citizens like them. I smiled and tear up. It made me remember the many older people I met who echo this very sentiment, some with sadness, some with humor (that would be my sister Luchie) and some with bitterness and regret.

Life is indeed how we make it.
We can choose to laugh and remember
and smile and cry and dream happy thoughts.
When I reach my senior years
I hope I can remember
and still laugh at myself.

Like the quote above, I also spotted this gorgeous Spider Lily at the mall this week. You will never know what you'll find and hear at the mall these days ;-)

Belated Happy Birthday to my brother Jojo (not yet senior!)
and to my niece Stephanie, my late Papa and Tito Sario.
And to my former teacher and friend Sister Fidelis too!
Mine would be on Tuesday but I'll be working ;-)
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Viola said...

Oh right.. tuesday! Good, I'll remember that! :)

What a special and awesome flower Lui! =) And I like your words much, I wish we all could focus on the good and fun things in life! In there is the key for a good life! For a happy life.. Thanks for saying this.. :)

Warmly regards from Viola! :)

Viola said...

Happy birthay to your brother! we've just celebrated my mum's birthday (Friday).. :)

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots of spider flower.

Luna Miranda said...

i also first noticed spider lilies at the mall.:p
it's a lovely, low-maintenance flower.

Tatjana Parkacheva said...

Beautiful flower.
Happy Birthday to your brother!

Regards and best wishes

Maia said...

I like your quotes, especially the first one.

This white lily with whisker is an interesting species. It looks very pretty in the first shot.

Jama said...

I love these spider lily! lots of them around the apartment I stay in.

Carver said...

Beautiful words and flowers.

Denise said...

My Dear Lui, I remembered that you had a birthday coming up. Happy Birthday for Tuesday my dear friend, and belated birthday greetings to all your loved ones. Beautiful spider lily!

Carletta said...

The flower has such graceful lines!
Happy Birthday to your family and friends and a special one to you on Tuesday! :)

The Chair Speaks said...

Our human loves these flowers especially the sweet smell as it brought back lovely early childhood memories.

Modern Mom said...

Lovely series of pics.

Red Sponges

Indrani said...

Each stage of the flower is beautiful.

Andrea said...

Hi Lui, advance happy birthday! This is a touching post. I think we go to the same mall in QC, if you dont mind these are spider lilies not tiger. A lot of them are also planted as hedges at the circle, i just wonder why the City hall people always cut the leaves even if they are not yet lodging and still making food for themselves to store in their bulbs.

bettyl said...

That's a great plant to shoot!

Lui said...

Thanks for the advanced greetings!

Andrea, the mall is the Alabang Town Center. I also corrected the flower name although I got it right on the post title ;-)

NatureFootstep said...

spider lily. Good name for that flower. Don´t think I have seen it before. It is gorgeus.

Thanks for the nice words about my flower shots. :)

Annelie said...

Have been thinking about what this flower is called, because it all over the place here in Singapore. Thanks and really beautiful photos.
Have a nice day!