12 March 2012

The Creative Exchange

"That was such an adorable story"
I sniffed as I slice bananas in a bowl.

"People who go out of their way to rescue animals really inspire me!"
I sniffed some more as I topped my bananas with ice cream.

"I signed several petitions this week (against animal abuse)
but I received more happy rescue stories
and this really deserve a celebration!"
I muttered as I scooped my just reward.

"If I win the lotto I will donate to all the animal rescue groups!"
I shed a tear in between spoonfuls of my dessert.

"Of course, if I keep on eating like this whenever I am in this mood, I will need all the money to rehab myself!" I exclaimed in desperation.

My sister Luchie rolled her eyes as she listened to my daily woes.
Luchie has silently indulged her youngest sister (me!)
simply because Luchie love animals too
and Luchie knows that whatever I eat
I do not gain weight!

"I am sick but not in pain"
I turned to my dog Sweepy.
"And I am sick of all your angst!"
I thought I heard Sweepy muttered this.
But I am not so sure.
He looks asleep nearby.

SIDELIGHT: My week is not complete without having to respond to all animal stories on my mail. From help in adoption to rescue work. I always tell people that I have very limited means and resources to help them all except for 'healing lights' (I can not heal but I can send pain away for you to be able to heal yourself!) and banging on the door of people and institutions to take action.

To all of those who do rescue work (even feeding stray animals on the street or holding them with affection is already a MAJOR act!) and for those whose lives are richer and more meaningful as they cry, panic and take action on behalf of all abused and animals in pain around the world, this post is for all of you.

You make me cry in joy and inspire me to be good.
And you make my eating binge hearty and heart-filled!

For Elizabeth G , Peter A, Alya, DrJ, PAWS, Lilli and DrGeof, Suzanne C, and Joyce (May Suzie reach her forever homes safely and soon!) My prayers are always with all of you!


Nadege, said...

I wish I had your metabolism...I put on weight just looking at chocolate.
Nice pics.

Tanya said...


Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautful post, dear Friend.
You are truly an inspiration, and such a kind soul.

Thank you so very much for being a part of The Creative Exchange.

Have a wonderful day, and I will still be seeing you in "Blogland!"

lisa. xo

Susan said...

I understand the love of animals, especially dear dogs. I hate to hear of animals hurt. Here in Maine there is very good adoption rates. Our local shelter actually has made connections in several locales in Southern USA-where animals are left unattended, un-spade or neutered and puppies abound.
My Tula is a rescue-and I'm all the better for that.
Extra pats for Sweepy from me.

Pat said...

Wonderful (and yummy-looking) post!

Hilda R.B said...

Beautiful photos. Love the light in them. Great job! I got hungry .. nam nam.
Have a nice sweet week to you.
Greetings from Hilda

Riet said...

What a lovely post

Evelyn S. said...

Beautiful...and yummy-looking!

Cats of Wildcat Woods said...

We all do what we can to help animals and those who help them. I too do healing light and send it to others.

Gattina said...

Looks delicious !

kkkkaty said...

Of the 5 photos here you chose the best one to post...delicious looking and great composition..

NatureFootstep said...

ouch, now I have to buy bananas and vnilla icecrean.

Liz said...

What a beautiful and creative post! I am happy to meet you Lui and I am your newest follower :)

Thanks for your lovely comment on my Weekend Flowers post. I am on a VERY short forced blogging break as we are moving house. I look forward to reading more of your blog when I am back doing what I love most - photographing and blogging :)

Viola said...

Such a lovely post Lui! ♥

You are such a kind *loving animals person*, you'll have many animals' heart by your side - in this life and beyound this life.. :)

We used to give a wild cat food over some years, every night we walked out with food.. and water! in spring a lot of hedgehogs appeared.. hm.. guess why then.. ;)
Now it's a long time since we saw that cat.. when I didn't see the cat more, I was sad..

Pusa was a *rescue* cat.. found in a box in a park....

The other cats I used to have in Oslo were also *rescued* from a hard world..

Have a nice day! Here it's a sunny day! :)

The bananas with the cream looks yummy, and you sure deserve it Lui! :)

Mª Zélia said...

Muito bonita a relação, o carinho e a dedicação que tens com as plantas e os animais!
Se todos fossem assim sensíveis de certo teríamos um mundo bem melhor...
Seu ótimo post nos deixou com água na boca!!! Boa opção para acabar com o stress!

Denise said...

Bless your sweet heart Lui :)

geetlee said...

makes me feel hungry looking at that :)
i loved your words and share your respect for those unsung heroes who look out for animals in need.

Connie Smiley said...

Hi Lui--that looks so delicious! Such enticing food photography. Please give Sweepy a pat for me, and have a great weekend.

Photo Cache said...

you made our mama hungry ms lui.

Emma and Buster