28 February 2013

HapiBdayTo Me!

Feb. 28 is my birthday.
Thanks furries!

I already accepted a generous plan of going off somewhere 
on my birthday week with my Beloved.
But that was last year.
Since last week I was on 'cramming' mode
trying to tie up details for a major exhibition in April.
So I canceled any bday plans hoping I can reschedule in March
during the long Holy week break . . .
Well, hopefully . . .

But instead of working in the studio
I decided to delegate tasks
so I can treat the family for lunch . . .
I just ordered and had the food delivered.
Oh who am I kidding?
I was deep in work at home!

I just took time off from editing
to feast on my birthday lunch!
 It has been a tradition to have something long (noodles) on ones bday
but I am not exactly a great believer in this.
I mean, who wants a long life?
Nope, not me ;-)

The food was hot and yummy.
My two older sisters are happy.
I promised to treat them later for mani/pedicure.
That is, if I can finish all my editing tasks . . .

 . . . yeah.
It raises your blood sugar.
It damages your teeth.
But it makes you happy
and leaves a sweet taste on the mouth
and makes you drool on a busy day.
So what if this diabetically yours
rocky road ice cream cake
will not make me a sweet person.
Who wants to be all nice and sweet anyway?

But look:
My two dogs Sweepy and Babur are enjoying their meal.
No they had their favorite boiled chicken with rice.
Dogs can not eat chocolate and all the rich foods I have.
What they needed was more time with me . . .

. . . to goof off.

I did try to take several breaks during the day
to mess up their play . . .
and hug my trees (Yvon and Chicky are flowering!)
wave my greetings to Troy (this is how I address all the lizards)
and fed our adopted cat on the roof Petrocelli
and Dawgy, the dog across us.
I can not find MrFrogsky and MrLeach
but that's OK.

My day is complete at 2 PM
as I type this on birthday.
There's a long day ahead
and I was able to do most of what I needed to do.

Maybe, when I'm done and relaxing with my polished nails
I can attend a mass and thank God
for giving me another full and exciting day
with friends who rock my world
and made it complete.

PS. I owe you a holiday, Patrick.
And thank you for bearing with this hyper friend.


Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday lui! many more to come and good health for you and for the hounds in heaven :)

Connie Smiley said...

Sorry I missed your birthday, Lui! Hope your celebration this month is wonderful.

Viola said...

Hello Sweepy!! Here comes a late happy birthday to youuuu!! =) from me and Pusa! :)
We are glad everything is fine with you, and I can see you've got a new mate! So nice! :)

Missed you, viola and pusa :)
thanks for your comments also! :)

Viola said...

Oh I'm so sorry Lui :O Just now I realized that Sweepy's birthday is not yet (now I have his date) and that it is YOU that had your birthday.. well,well, you and Sweepy, much of the same soul ;)
but just to say
A late but a very happy birthday to you Lui! =) I'm sure you and your friends had a great day! :)