23 June 2013

June's Memory . . .

I was aghast to discover that the month of June will end by next week 
and I was back to my old forgetful phase.
One must not forget.
One must remember
and hold on to that 
which kept out spirit whole . . .

This is my friend Birdsky . . .
Of course, like Frogsky and Troy the lizard
I am completely clueless to distinguish
who among them kisses me every month
or whistles frantically whenever I pass, 
but they hover over my heaven
and kept watch . . .

My birds surround me not only in my heaven . . .
but also in busy malls 
when I sip my coffee at Starbucks
or indulge in my favorite dessert at Conti's
and while people shoo them off
I call them and share some bits and pieces of food
and bits and pieces of chitchat
as they gather around my table
while people around me
gossip about the mad lady
talking to the birds. . .

Birds remind me of my parents.
And of how they come in droves now
on my Mama or Papa's bdays
or during their death anniversaries
or during days when I try to laze around
completely isolated from my busy working world
and all I wanted to think about
are calm, warm days and lovely evenings . . .

 . . . and of how when I look up at our tree, Chicky
they sit lovingly, side by side,
unmindful of the hot, busy world
content to stay together forever.

 I can not think of Father's day 
without remembering my Mama
who was always at my Papa's side . . .

. . .  much like the birds who sing for me
and serenade me on full moon nights
and cheer me on workday mornings.

 . . . and leave only warm beginnings
and remnants of rebirths.

I hope its not too late
but I wish you all had a happy fathers day!

For my father, Joe
for his patience, kindness, elegance
and amazing creativity
and his constant watch over me . . .


Lisa Gordon said...

What a beautiful post this is, Lui, and such a wonderful tribute to your Dad.

Big hugs and kisses to both you and "my" sweet big guy! xo.

Happy day to you, my friend!

Sara Chapman in Seattle USA said...

Lui, what a lovely post, tribute to your father and to the beautiful birds. I also like my first look at the Mandevilla blossoms below. How beautiful. Are they scented?

Thought you'd like to know that the link you included in your comment on my blog took me to a post about roses in February. Nice post, but wasn't sure that you wanted to send people there.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I always like yours very, very much.

Laura said...

so beautiful Lui... filled with tenderness and love.

cats of wildcat woods said...

What a lovely post - I too find that birds and butterflies comfort me when I am rushed or feeling down. I look for butterflies on days when I am thinking of loved ones no longer here. Thank you for stopping by on Angel Chica's birthday!

NatureFootstep said...

love the birds. It is a very small nest you are holding. :)

Anonymous said...

lui, i'm beginning to appreciate the birds (minus the bees) especially on days we're visiting tagaytay. i love how they move slowly and soar freely on my windows. how's the superdog? :)

Pat said...

Such a lovely tribute to your father, Lui. Hugs and best wishes to all who live in your Heaven.