08 July 2013

Justice For Max. . .

. . . by now everybody knew about Max's story. Max, a Rottweiler, was shot by a police officer when Max escaped out of the car to go to his owner, Leon Rosby, who was arrested by police officers for disturbing a crime scene by taking videos and blasting music from his car. (View the complete video HERE but please be warned that it is a gruesome scene)

That could me. 
No I do not blast music to disturb a crime scene. 
No I will not disturb a crime scene when I see one. 
But yes I take photos and videos all the time 
when I walk my dog Sweepy 
and might unintentionally took videos of a crime scene. 
If I get arrested for doing so 
I am sure Sweepy will get agitated 
and attack and might get killed for doing so.

Max's unnecessary and senseless death is one in several cases brought by ignorance and arrogance. It brought more questions that must be answered like how does one restrain an animal in public? What happens to a person's companion when he gets arrested especially when the companion is a child or an animal like Max? Can Leon bring Max with him to the police station so he can call for assistance for his pet while he answer charges against him? And what are the consequences of police brutality (yes it is police brutality when one uses unnecessary force) to subdue a subject? The police should have allowed Leon to restrain his pet and possibly call for assistance before allowing himself to get cuffed and arrested. And what about the witnesses (there were several who were also taking video shots of the crime scene)? Didn't anybody care enough to just stand witness and not do a thing? And what are the consequences of indiscriminate firing of guns by a police officer or any person in authority? 

Yes, I also go through all the harrowing scenes of arguing with people when I witness animal cruelty or of people in authority not doing anything to stop it. I also go through the motion of talking to owners of dogs who allow their pets to roam the streets without a leash and report them to authorities every time they do so. But animals like dogs are always the victim when they appear menacing when they are afraid and yet people and authority figures should have the proper training BEFORE THEY FIRE THEIR GUN.

I share the grief of the community.
And I share the grief of Leon and all owners and friends of animals who were senselessly killed by people who were supposed to protect them.

For Max . . .
and for Vinny, Whitey, Jo Jo, Chooch, Chloe, Rosie
and all the other animal victims of a cruel system
I wish you pain-free flights 
as I continue to fight and take a stand
for laws to protect against all violence
for animals, people and nature.

UPDATED: Should you wish to take a stand for Max please sign the petitions on causesDOTcom, on changeDOTorg, and whiteHouse. Sometimes all it takes is for people to let authorities know that there are people who will not allow such cruelty in society and that there are consequences for such actions.


DeniseinVA said...

A poignant post Lui. I was so sad when I first heard the story about Max.

The Chair Speaks said...

Yes, we hurt when we see animals misunderstood and mistreated! Purrs!

Pat said...

This was a very sad case. It is so heartbreaking to know that trusting and loyal animals are often the victims of unthinking or unknowing people.

Gattina said...

Some policemen get just hysterical when they see such a dog and as they have a gun they shoot ! Sad story !

The Artful Diva said...

I had not heard this story before - it is a sad one!

Lisa Gordon said...

Oh my goodness, Lui, I missed this post, and what a horrible thing to have happen. Truly, this breaks my heart.