18 November 2013

Post Yolanda

No, we did not get hit by the supertyphoon Yolanda. The storm passed in the south while I live near Manila. On the day of the typhoon, I begged off from work because the weatherman said we will experienced heavy rains in the afternoon. It did even if we were islands away from the typhoon's path!

Yes, I live in a country that is composed of more than 7,000 islands. In our small island lies a diverse group of people who speak more than a hundred languages and dialects yet each of us feel connected to each other even outside of our land. I am sure you've seen how Filipinos greet each other abroad even if they are strangers!

We live precariously in the storm belt and we always experience storms and typhoons several times in a year. And since we are below sea level it is not surprising to experience floods too. I grew up in the city (Makati) and in my school years I have to be carried to the school bus or car to go to school on rainy seasons in June in time to the school opening. Maybe because of this that Filipinos are very resilient people. We have long accepted our fate and we learned to survive natural disasters as a community.

On the week that the supertyphoon Yolanda came, we were still reeling from the magnitude 7 earthquakes that destroyed centuries old structures in the south and storms in the north. I was sobbing when I saw the beautiful structures that I, as a cultural heritage worker, helped promote and preserve as part of our volunteer work, crumbled to the ground along with the community. . . . Asians are communal people and we are attached to our land and culture.

On the week of the disasters, while trying to juggle my measly funds for my medicines and giving aid to victims, I was in the thick of work. I was mounting a one-day exhibit at a hotel (murals made by children), editing and reprinting these artworks to be sent abroad, directing a photoshoot, re-editing a book, touring public school kids to the museum, doing preliminary research on an art project . . . and was practically out all week that I always find my hounds like this:
. . . sleeping in wait.

Babur (our adopted one-year old pup) got sick and I have to assign the senior super dog Sweepy to watch over Babur and possibly heal him?

Do not underestimate senior dogs
and their capacity to heal and care for others.
Babur regained his appetite and back to his normal pace now.

And my 11yo superdog Sweepy:
. . . with his glassy eyes and matted furs,
his slow metabolism much like mine
has taken over the watch of my place Heaven
while I was out all week!

Oh, how can I ever thank him!
I pray to God every day that no pain and discomfort
will visit his ageing body in his senior years.

In Heaven, MrSpidey has been crying out in alarm all week.
Yes, I know there will be more disasters
as our land and planet heals.
We will have more dry spells, more heavy rains,
more hot days and humid nights.
But we need to hold on together.
Yvon (on the right) and Chicky our trees are more hopeful.
They learned to hold on to each other!

When the moth grieves, I grieve with him.
It will take time for our land and for my people to heal.
It will take more than faith to stitch the fiber 
that kept my small island together.
As the keeper of my Heaven, I am powerless.
I watch my now weak body
giving comfort as I need it.
I scan my Heaven and beyond it and I knew
that at this hour of such great loss and pain
I can only look to the Supreme Keeper
and leave my faith and fate
in Thine hands . . .

Oh God of the seas and the mountains 
and the air and water and the energy that connects us all
keep us safe in your loving bosom. . .
Bathala, bahala ka na . . .

For now, I thank all of you who wrote me and sent healing wishes and prayers. For all the animal community (Sweepy belongs to a huge international community) I thank you all for your wonderful support and concern. I hope I did not miss any emails sent to us. I had a hard time updating blogs and Sweepy's FB (I might have to retire it soon ;-( . . .

Our universe is old and dying.
If we trust in the flow of the universe
and let go of our fears
and know only love inherent in all of us
then we can trust our fate with love.

Have a meaningful week everybody!
I pray for all of you too!


Viola said...

So glad that all is ok with you Lui! and your dogs! :) Yes I know you've said before that you don't live in the area where the most bad typhons come in.. but I was a little scared.
I find you and your countrymen strong, but to survive I guess you have to be strong.

I hope the destroyed area in your country can get all the aids you need, also from abroad. We see all the destructions on the tv.

I think our planet and earth is sufering.. - and maybe healing, yes!

Still praying for you and your countrymen.

Love and hugs
viola :)
pusa ^^)

Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

So very happy to hear tha tyou and your dear animals are OK. It is heartbreaking to see how much the typhoon damaged your country. Sending healing energy to all who lost so much for them to heal. Hugs to you!

Cats of wildcat woods

DeniseinVA said...

I also am very happy to hear from you my dear friend. Glad little Babur was taken care of so beautifully by the ever sweet Sweepy while you were so busy. Keeping you and everyone over there in my thoughts and prayers.

Lui said...

I just read that a tornado hit a town in the USA and floods swept Saudi Arabia! Please let us all send healing vibes to them too!

Bill Nicholls said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad you are ok and survived the storm along with your dogs. Keep well and come back for a visit

Katrin Klink said...

Good to hear that you are safe and fine in Heaven. What a name - love it! And also the part with the healing dogs - so true! Many greetings from Germany!

you-wee because said...

Hi Lui! Long time no hear! Thanks for stopping by. Good to read you were not personally impacted by the typhoon while a great part of the Philippines were severely hit.
I pray for you and all of your fellow countrymen!

kissed by an angel said...

Dear Lui,
You have such a great spirit:) and your mind and your dogs are so beautiful!!! Good to know you are safe in Heaven! I pray for you, your land and your countrymen and send you healing energy...
Thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad
about your comment.
Have a good and blessed week!!!
Wishing you all the best,

Lisa Gordon said...

It will indeed take time. As I watch the news and see the photographs of the devastation there, it is something I cannot even begin to comprehend.

Bless my handsome fella for keeping all in order, and for watching over Babur. I am very glad to hear that he is eating again.

You take good care of you, my sweet friend.

Sending you big hugs! xo.

Ranten said...

So many great photos you've taken!

january said...

praise God that both our families remained dry during the typhoon and i'm happy to hear that the pup is doing better now and getting handsome as he grows bigger each day. i hope the superdog is all okay as well.

i'm sending a big hug and more kisses to everyone in heaven!

The Artful Diva said...

I'm glad you're safe. That was an unbelievable storm!

The Chair Speaks said...

We love the photos of you and Sweepy relaxing together. Sending lots of purrs and hugs!

Jeanne said...

I am hoping and praying Lui that your land is continuing to heal from the terrible typhoon! My prayers and thougts are with you. Wondering, are you having medicines that you need which are hard for you to afford??