25 December 2013

Holiday in Heaven

Yes, there is no stopping the holiday season. 
In the midst of grasping for that empty space
amidst the busy bustling holiday season
one simply moves on, wipes the tears, 
and kisses the happy spirits flying around . . .

In our house Heaven, Luchie filled the gap.
Unable to buy candies for the children who passes by our house every Christmas, Luchie bought some and wrapped them with coins. Luchie made 100 packages and gave them freely to the kids who came with their families. Somehow it has been a tradition in our family to give also to the nameless people who come in droves at our doorstep every year. We have no idea where they came from and how they found us but they were welcomed. Sweepy went ballistics with the non-stop visitors! Oh how I wish I have enough funds to give them more next year . . .

I hope to clean/clear my closet this week.
I usually remove stuff I hardly wear and give to others.
People love to wait for my closet stuff.
They pass by and asked me when I am giving my stuff.
I kept saying "soon" . . . and I have to do it later today.

So much to clear away . . .
I have to call the dog's vet and donate Babur's unused medicines. It might seem surprising that a lot of dogs can not afford to buy them and these may be useful to those dogs. My dogs seem to be the only one in our village that get house calls from the vet. Veterinarians (dog doctor) prefer animals to be sent to their clinics to be able to handle them (read: restrain) well. Dogs who are territorial are quite difficult to handle in their turf and in the vet's clinic, which is a neutral place, the vet has the authority and animals respect this. But I have heavy dogs (except for Babur who was frisky) which is quite difficult to bring/carry to the vet clinic. I am lucky that we can afford to get house call visits from vet.

For Babur's burial I am glad Luchie was around:
Luchie had to supervise the clearing of the grounds underneath our trees Yvon and Chicky for Babur. Most of our dogs are buried under this tree. It was so traumatic to witness Babur's death not to mention having to clean and wrap his body for burial. I was glad Luchie was here. During Bogart's death (Sweepy's brother) in 2010, Luchie was on vacation and I had to attend to the whole thing myself! I was glad too that we have people to call for assistance. We have "on call" people who were willing to do tasks for us for a fee. I am always thankful for these conveniences.

Babur will always be missed  . . .
On the day Babur died, I re-read 'The Places In Between' a great book by Rory Stewart that traced the author's journey and his encounter with a dog he named Babur in honor of Afghanistan's first Mughal emperor, who crossed Afghanistan on foot, and in whose footsteps Rory and Babur followed. This is where we got Babur's name. And I cried thinking how Rory, the author, also lost his dog Babur just when he decided to adopt Babur and to send him to Scotland with him. I quote the last lines from the book:

"I don't imagine Babur would have been impressed to see me crying now, trying to bring back five weeks' walking alone together, with my hand on a grizzled golden head, which is Babur, beside me and alive" -Rory Stewart, The Places in Between

But we will move on . . .
. . . the way we did when the other dogs died. Sweepy's family died two years apart: his Mom Pica in 2008, his big brother Bogart in 2010, and his Popsy Sumo in 2012. I kindda dread 2014 thinking there must be a pattern somewhere and that Sweepy is already in his senior years like his family when they died . . .

There is a story in my land about how dogs would "rescue" their human, dying on behalf of their sick human companions. Thinking of this, when one of us get sick I would always tell my dogs that we need no rescuing. That we do not want them to die for us. When I had my operation I told Sweepy and Babur I will be fine and if I should die I told Sweepy I will take him with me. . . . I know that sounds morbid but Sweepy and I share a special thread and it would be difficult for us to be without the other.

Some people have children.
I have Sweepy.

We are both 'happily single' but together.
My wishlist next year is go to the beach with Sweepy.

And we thank every one who shared our grief with Babur.
We shed happy tears knowing Babur is better off in the Rainbow Bridge
flying pain-free with our other angel hounds . . .
and knowing the little time of one year and four months
that Babur spent with us will always be special
because they made us special too
and those whose lives were touched
by his special story. . .

And now we wish you all a merry holiday season . . .
. . . the black cat on top of Sweepy's head is Petra, our new adopted cat on the roof and Petrocelli's girlfriend which I leave for Sweepy to bark about . . . .

I wish you all happy, contented lives full of loving faith, meaningful encounters, good health and healthy living, warm and happy homes, sweet and caring family and friends and bottomless love!


Cheri Wildcatwoods said...

I have not been online much as I had a sick kitty in my house who left us a few weeks ago in early December. I know how you feel. I too would tell my cats not to take on my illness - that they need to care for themselves and I would be fine. All the dogs who have come before are your angels and watch over you and Sweepy everyday! Wishing you much peace int he New Year.

Cats of Wildcat Woods

Gattina said...

My vet is an angel and also comes to us when it's necessary. But with dogs it's often different, they can be aggressif at home and angels at the vet, lol ! Our Christmas celebration is behind us, the cats were all hidden somewhere except our cat Arthur who loves little kids and a lot of people in general. He played with my grandson and lay to our feet in the evening. Maybe he was a dog in his former life !

The Artful Diva said...

I'm sorry for your loss of Babur - always difficult especially around the holidays. You are a kind and generous soul - your neighbors and town folk are so lucky to know you.

Lisa Gordon said...

This is such a heartfelt post, Lui.
I so enjoyed reading it.
Welcome to Heaven, Petra!
I am so glad Petrocelli has another friend. xo.

january said...

good health for you and sweepy in 2014 :)

Connie Smiley said...

Lui, this is such an interesting slice of your life. Hope the new year brings good things your way. Please give Sweepy an extra pat from me.

Jeanne said...

Stopping by Lui to say that I hope your Christmas was lovely! That is such a wonderful tradition to give away what you do each year. If you remind me of this next year, I will make a donation to your efforts which seem very admirable. I am glad that you and Sweepy are doing well together. Many blessings to you in this coming year.