22 August 2015

August and Oh-Ghost month!

It has been almost three weeks since my last post.
As you can see I am still alive
and survived that scheduled d-day.

Some prayed and fasted with me.
Some linked their energies
and honed their healing powers.
Some got angry and afraid.
Some took notice of my warning
and left town with loved ones.
Some mocked me.
A lot were just relieved.

How indeed does one react
when one is given a date of a tragedy?
Do you risk your reputation
to warn friends to stay safe?
Do you run away or leave
your fate and faith in the door?

I had a lot of warnings and alerts.
Some from well-meaning friends,
some from intuition, from spirit guides.
Some from authority figures.
Disasters like storms, floods,
extreme heat, earthquakes,
and each time I gather my wits about.
I get afraid for my senior sisters.
For my dogs, and trees, my lizards.
So each time I receive warning alerts
 I go tap my inner faith.
The one that connects with all of creation.
The one that connects with our Maker.

And each time
I watch the storm passed,
or bypassed my island,
or typhoons veer from their path
and save my little island.
Just this week alone
a powerful storm veered
away from my island
although we had rains.

But all these calamities will come and go.
We can never really escape any of it.
What we always fear in life
will always be there.
We just need to experience the eye of the storm
literally and figuratively
to understand and conquer
our worst fears and know
our sublime destiny.

Because in the midst of chaos
of uncertainties and confusion
lie our mortal spirit
that is as dauntless
as we were created to be.

The ties we made
the precious connections
the brief interlude
of time and space
where we become meaningful
to others and ourselves
are what really matters.

This precious bond
is like our immortal stone
that we carry with us
beyond our decaying bodies
to the adventures
of another world and beyond.

I am sure you have seen so many films,
stories and images of redemption
of a happy ever after.
And yes it is real.

That mushy, giddy, perfumed ending
is not all fiction.
It is mine.
And it is yours.
This is really Our Story.
A happy one.

Have a happy, wonderful weekend!
And today I celebrate my Mama's 95th birthday!
And today I acknowledge her presence
in my life as vividly as when she was alive.
Happy Birthday, Mama!


Lisa Gordon said...

What a great post this is, Lui!
Happy Birthday in heaven to your Mama too! xo.

Viola said...

I'm so glad you all survived. You are a geni, writing so wise and lovely, I nearly have wet eyes when reading..