13 August 2009

My dogs received this message from their mobile phone:

"Ang pamayanang may paniniwala sa kanyang pamahalaan ay umuunlad."

at ang paniniwalang ito, titino tayo.

- Chairman Bayani "BF" Fernando

The campaign fever for next year's election is probably underway invading even the mobile phones! Chairman BF is the chairman of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) who has announced his intention to run for President of the Philippines next year. His text message above translated to English:

"The citizen who trust their government will progress"
A political will and the belief in this saying will make us wise.

My dogs grunted. Chairman BF does not know us personally and he probably just paid somebody to send this message at random. And then again, maybe he did not send it. Maybe his political opponents sent it to spite him. Like psyche war you know. Of course, I don't believe in BF's text message. I appreciate his role as MMDA chairman although he is quite unpopular. But I don't think I want him as my President. I don't believe in the present government too. And I don't think that progress is dependent on whether we believe in our government or not. And I think that is wise.

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