15 August 2009

Me and My Dogs (left to right: Sweepy, Sumo, Bogart)

They say animal-lovers tend to resemble their pets. I even saw a site that featured keepers and their pets looking like twins complete with their twin costumes. As my barking SuperDog Sweepy will say "for barking out freaking loud" . . . Yeah, Sweepy barks a lot.

I don't mind if I resemble my dogs. And I hope my dogs don't mind if I resemble them. But when you look at my dogs they do not resemble each other at all! Sumo is the father of Bogart and Sweepy. And yet, they all looked like they came from different breeds and dog families.

And that is the exciting advantage and disadvantage of mixed breeds or mutts. You'll never know how they will look when they outgrow their cute puppy stage.

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