25 August 2009

The Tree Cutter is not a bad man. Some of these men cut to trim the trees only. Some of them cut to transport the trees to new locations. But those who cut the trees completely so they can build houses or streets in its place are. Trees can be re-planted and saved! We need their oxygen as our environment is slowly surviving the harsh changes in weather. Trees and plants sends oxygen for us to breathe and we exhale carbon dioxide for plants to breathe and live. We are dependent on each other to live.

We had a tree cutter in Heaven last weekend. He came to trim our avocado and chico trees. You have to trim your trees and plants to remove dead leaves and stray branches that swings across your neighbor's property. You trim your trees so they can grow better. You trim your trees and they grow new leaves and later bear flowers to indicate the coming of their fruits. Sweet fruits can only come from well-cared trees. I should know. We have sweet chicos and heavenly avocados practically every year!

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