24 August 2009

"Rainy days and Mondays always get me . . ."

. . . Up! Yeah. Contrary to the song, this great combination of rain at the start of the week does perk me up. I watch the cloudy day and the sudden drizzle and I whisper a prayer of thanks.

Yesterday was HOT. As in 36 degrees hot. People were fanning each other like mad inside the church yesterday even with all of the electric fans running on high! I fanned myself non-stop and closed my eyes to steady my breathing and . . . fell asleep! My sister beside me fell asleep too until we got startled by the sound of laughter. My sister and I looked at each in embarrassment. To our relief, the people were laughing at the priest's humor and not at us. Well . . . .

The weather was so hot that I started washing some of my stuff just so I have recycled water to cool Heaven and my dogs and the plants. Sigh. The washer woman who comes to Heaven once a week to do the laundry noticed that I have very few items in my laundry basket. I told her I kept washing some of my stuff so I can re-use the water to cool the place during high noon. Now this is madness. I mean you get somebody to wash once a week to save on water and all only to do some washing the rest of the week just to cool the dogs! Dogs don't sweat you see.

Some wise guy told me to just shave the dogs fur (I can't 'cause my dogs have short furs!), fan the dogs (they have an electric fan running at high in the afternoon and when I have to leave I have to put the fan on timer!), give the dogs daily baths (I can't 'cause dogs have weak lungs and can only take baths twice a week which they do!) . . . . give them air-con (are you OUT-OF-YOUR-FREAKIN-MIND!)

Ok, I know I can get hyper like my dog Sweepy but sure I love my dogs, sure I spoil them rotten, but I have limitations in that area. Anyway, last night it rained like crazy that I woke up thinking it was the end of the world! The other night, it rained like crazy in Manila and the city got flooded! You can't have everything, I know.

In the midst of rain and hot weather I watch Heaven heave and sigh. Much like an old lady waiting for rehab or spa treat. So I went around and cleared the space for an hour. Try to learn how to clear your space and energies using salt and smoke (not from cigarette, idiot!) because it helps cool the air. Amidst all these goings on stood this most beautiful sight for restless minds:

. . . our beautiful orchids surviving a fall and broken pot. This orchid made it through the harsh temperatures, noisy dogs and people, and sang and swept all of us with her powerful scent and breath-taking color. My dog Bogart who loves flowers can bark about it better than I.

Ah, the beauty in August, the 'oh-ghost' month. My sister said that August carry the hot April weather. And I agree. So a little rain on a Monday is just perfect.

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