21 August 2009

Yesterday we commemorated the 26th death anniversary of Ninoy Aquino. Yesterday was a holiday so people were able to attend the various activities for Ninoy. But in our house Heaven, we were busy doing some major clean-ups. Those tasks that you kept putting off until you find a holiday break like yesterday. I'll post about this clean-up next time . . .

Well, I remember August 21, 1983 so well. We were then living in the heart of the city and there were so many fliers quietly slipped into our hands as we go jogging down Ayala Avenue in Makati. The hush-hush messages that people and strangers were passing out said "wear yellow" . . . "stock exchange building" . . . This was during the Martial Law period and anything must be done quietly. I remembered my indifference. I like Ninoy but I do not like the other political figures around him. The other members of my family were also indifferent. We were after all celebrating the christening of the first apo (grandchild) and first pamangkin (nephew) in our family and this event seemed more important at that time.

My nephew Dennis Marc is now 26 years old. He is our people power baby. Like Ninoy, he is talkative, proud of his roots, argumentative, charming, and rebellious. Maybe someday, Dennis will also look back and look forward and realized that on the day of his christening, the Philippines was also having its own christening, of the people's faith. A rebirth of hope in their motherland.

Maybe someday.

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